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Caroline Labour is passionate about helping others to tap into their highest potential and she is a strong advocate of living a balanced, enriching and abundant life

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Personal Empowerment Premium Program

The Personal Empowerment Premium program is designed for high achievers seeking to produce outstanding resu...

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Life Coaching with Caroline Labour

The Life Coaching with Caroline Labour program will teach you how to alter your paradigm to: Live a life of abunda...

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Financial Freedom Fast Track

Discover how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping to break free from your self-limiting beliefs. T...

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The Express Business Plan

Learn how to test the commercially viability of your business idea by building an Express Business Plan.Modules inclu...

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Conscious Hypnosis

Discover the power of Conscious Hypnosis to overcome deeply seeded habits and beliefs. Caroline offers tailored ...

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Digital Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd and make a memorable first impression with a customised Digital Business Card. Order your ...

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Free Gratitude Ebook

Discover how to improve your quality of life instantly with Gratitude. Download our free Gratitude ebook below.

Client Success Stories:

"Every now and then I come across someone who I recognise has something special and Caroline Labour is such a person. Caroline is passionate about helping others to tap into their highest potential and she would love to help you achieve your goals. Take the time to find out what she can do for you because I guarantee you, she can help you."

Bob Proctor
Personal Development Expert

"I have known Caroline Labour for over a decade now. During this time I have seen her pursue excellence in a number of areas and seen her gain continual education in self-development which she now offers to clients. With determination and persistence she has challenged herself scholastically, in corporate and on an entrepreneurial level. Each time elevating herself in her pursuit of her dreams. Through her diversity of skills and talents she not only offers transformational but also strategic coaching which is a definite bonus and rarely offered by other coaches. I love Caroline’s well measured and intelligent conversations that encourages you to tap into your own uniqueness. Caroline guides you on your own journey that will empower you to solve your own challenges, to achieve personal and professional fulfilment. The Thinking Into Results program with Caroline Labour was an enriching experience that gave me many aha moments which lead to major breakthroughs. Caroline’s guidance was invaluable in the development and success of my website"

Janet Zenari

"After starting the Life Coaching with Caroline Labour program in 2016, I made several leaps and I thank you for making me push myself to do so. I developed the confidence to get up in front of 125 people and deliver a presentation on Employee Ambassadors in Social Media. I would not have been able to do so if it hadn’t been for you – so much gratitude to you Caroline."

Mardi Barnes
Scoop Social

"When you get to where you want to be by making very subtle changes that you didn’t even think you were making at the time, that’s the gift of coaching with Caroline. For me it was about addressing confidence. Through minor changes in thought processes and better understanding of mistakes of the past, a different light was shed on my approach to both professional and personal goals. Having achieved what I set out on both sets of goals thus far, I’ve moved onto the next challenge…. I’m certainly more comfortable in my abilities to make that journey great. Thank you Caroline!"

Phong Trac

"My husband and I started our first coaching session with Caroline from Personal Empowerment Academy 2 years ago. Through the program we were able to go from understanding our personal paradigms and learning to let go of these to dream big, set goals and devise concrete steps to achieve them. Today we are in a house in an area that we would never have thought possible without being equipped with the skills to make it all happen. Positive quotes, keeping a journal and Caroline’s support along the journey have made the dream a reality. The process is ongoing with the next dream coming to fruition using the same processes. It’s a system that really works if you commit to it believing that it is possible!"

Dominique Farah

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