Caroline Labour is a Money Mindset Specialist, CPA and Amazon Bestselling Author.  

Caroline helps entrepreneurs break through their money blocks so they can create an amazing business and lifestyle. 

 Following a solid 17-year career as a Certified Practicing Accountant, Caroline faced major burnout after years of climbing the corporate ladder. This led Caroline to discover her passion for Money Mindset coaching and she established Personal Empowerment Academy and the Money Mindset Accelerator Program. 

Caroline left her high-paying corporate job in 2018, having set up a number of successful businesses, which now allows her to travel, live the highly sought-after laptop lifestyle and spend quality time at home with her beautiful dogs. 

Caroline is passionate about helping others to tap into their highest potential and she is a strong advocate of living an enriched and abundant life. Caroline is based in Sydney and is also a professional vocalist with her retro & pop band, The D’Lights.


Caroline brings a powerful and unique perspective to her Money Blocks Breakthrough program based on: 

  • Targeted diagnostic processes to identify the money blocks that entrepreneurs face
  • Transformational clearing techniques to permanently shift these money blocks and self-limiting beliefs 
  • Robust finance and commercial principles used to manage multi-billion dollar budgets. Caroline is able to teach entrepreneurs simple & sound money management practices based on her years of experience as an advisor to CEOs & Executive Directors.  

Caroline's clients learn how to develop a powerful money mindset and experience massive breakthroughs with their money and their business. 

If you're ready to step and have a massive money breakthrough, click the link or image below to watch a short video & schedule a call with Caroline: 

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