Money Mindset Expert and CPA, Caroline Labour, shows everyday people how to shift their money beliefs and habits, and live an abundant and fulfilling life. Caroline is a certified mindset and life coach, a certified practicing accountant (CPA Australia) and an Amazon bestselling author committed to helping people reset financially and create financial stability.

Over the past 20 years, Caroline has successfully managed multi-billion dollar corporate budgets and personally eliminated $100k of credit card debt in 9 months using her money mindset and money management techniques. She now teaches her clients how to transform their money mindset, get out of debt, land high-paying jobs, and clear their money blocks through her popular Debt To Diamonds Program.

In her free Money Breakthrough training, Caroline shares the 3 steps she followed to clear $100k of debt and create a lifestyle she used to dream about Caroline’s goal is to help people to live an abundant and fulfilling life by releasing their money blocks and habits towards money.




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