Personal Empowerment Premium Program

The Personal Empowerment Premium program is designed for high achievers seeking to produce outstanding results in the fastest time possible. Through this accelerated 6 month program, you will receive: 

  • Transformational breakthroughs through the Financial Freedom Fast Track program
  • Powerful mindset shifts & goal clarity through the Life Coaching with Caroline Labour program
  • A personalised transformation & strategic roadmap delivered through your fortnightly Power Coaching sessions with Caroline Labour
  • Access to fortnightly live webinars with Caroline to accelerate your learning


Access to the Personal Empowerment Premium program is by application only. 

If you're ready to make exponential leaps forward in your career or business, CONTACT US NOW to begin your transformational, personal excellence journey.

Simply click on the button below to apply for your Clarity & Strategy session with Caroline where you will gain clarity about your goals and find out whether you're a good fit for the Personal Empowerment Premium program. 





*All content is made available to participants within 24 weeks of accessing the Life Coaching with Caroline Labour online portal, however participants may choose to complete the program over 24 - 48 weeks, or a duration of the client's choice.


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