Life Coaching with Caroline Labour

The Life Coaching with Caroline Labour program will teach you how to alter your paradigm to:

  • Live a life of abundance and excellence
  • Live your life with confidence and on purpose
  • Increase your income permanently
  • Finally achieve results that stick!


If you're ready to live the life of your dreams, ENROL NOW to begin your transformational, personal excellence journey:

We offer 3 payment options:

1. Upfront: USD $2,982

2. Three Instalments: USD $1,043 x 3 monthly payments

2. Twelve Instalments: USD $322 x 12 monthly payments


Need more information? To speak to us about your personal circumstances, apply for a Clarity & Strategy Session below: 



*All content is made available to participants within 24 weeks of accessing the Life Coaching with Caroline Labour online portal, however participants may choose to complete the program over 24 - 48 weeks, or a duration of the client's choice.


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