$25k in 12 hours...


$25k in 12 hours…

A few weeks ago, I helped someone make a subtle mindset shift and he closed a $6.5k sale the next day.

He messaged me again today to let me know he made $25k in 12 hours… and is on track to hit $40k-$50k this week.

Amazing result and one I’ve been very reluctant to take any credit for. Except he keeps sending me voice messages saying a shift has taken place.

See, this guy isn’t even my client. He’s my coach.

In case you’ve missed my last few posts, I recently hired a business coach, Richard Fletcher, who specialises in messaging and copywriting.

I signed up right in the middle of coronavirus because I was ready to build momentum. But I had noticed Richard wasn’t promoting his higher-ticket program (the one I joined).

Instead, he had switched to a lower cost offer that was making great money, but I sensed something else was going on. So I asked Richard about it and he admitted he assumed people wouldn't pay $6.5k during coronavirus.

I pointed out that coronavirus accelerated my decision to sign up - and that's when the penny dropped. Richard made a shift and signed up his next high-ticket client the following day.

I was happy to see Richard switch back to his pre-corona mode of operating and I left it at that. But he kept sending me voice notes saying "something is different".

It turned out other weird stuff was happening too. Like winning poker games for the first time over the last two weekends. And getting over 1000 people into his copywriting challenge with a locked down ad account.

The crazy thing is, this guy is as far away from being an energy person as you’ll ever see and yet he’s got results.

As he said to me, "I don't exactly know why it’s happened but a shift has happened. The increase in results, from no leads to $40k in one week, is undeniable and it feels easy again".

Where do you stand on this - would you describe yourself as an 'energy' person or not?

Caroline x

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