What does $100k mean to you?


Last week someone on my email list threatened to report me for false advertising. Yikes! 😳

A few years ago, I would have totally panicked about a comment like that… but instead, I couldn’t wait to tell Eric and we had a big laugh about it!

Wanna know what I said that triggered someone into sending me hate mail? 

Well, it was an email about a client result that sounded too good to be true, so someone decided it couldn’t possibly be true. 

Here’s what I sent:



Big money can be a funny thing - we can love it or hate it. 

When you’re in $100k of debt, like I was, the thought of $100k can make you feel sick because all you see is your debt.

Toni felt the same way too a year ago. 

When she first joined my program, she was in $100k of debt and she hated thinking about money and opening her bills. 

As you’ve probably heard, Toni was able to totally shift her energy around money and six months later, her debt was gone! 

Now, that’s an amazing outcome and Toni actually cleared her debt 3 months faster than I originally did. Pretty cool!

But what’s even more amazing is what has happened since then. 

By clearing her money blocks around debt, Toni actually raised her prosperity consciousness to a whole new level and she started interacting with big money in a totally new way. 

Like earning $20k sales commissions.

Buying a house near the beach with cash. 

And accelerating some very profitable investments. 

In fact, on our next call, Toni and I are mapping out exactly when one of her investments will hit... $100k! 

So thanks to a new outlook in life (combined with a stellar mindset and some kick-ass money management skills), $100k now has a totally new meaning and feeling for Toni! 

And you can do this too. 

It does take work and commitment, but everyone who applies what I teach, gets results. 

If you want to tap into some of the same money magic and learn how to turn $100k of debt into $100k of income, book in some time to chat with me before my calendar fills up. 


Caroline x



End of email. And it is a true story. 

If you are curious about how this happened for Toni, you can check out my free money breakthrough training.

 And if it resonates with you, there’s an invite at the end to book a call with me. If you’re making over $5k per month in your job or business and you’re ready to make a quantum leap, I’d love to hear from you. 

Caroline x

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