Finding The Root Cause Of Your Challenges


At different times in your life, you may find yourself in what I call an “avalanche challenge.” You know, where one big thing happens and while you're trying to deal with that, the next thing happens, and it all starts to roll into one. These overwhelming times challenge your strength and character, and often kick you back into “survival mode.”

“Survival mode” typically kicks in when you are trying to deal with issues around your sense of security and safety, having your basic needs met, and/or your idea of what your foundational support is.

In terms of chakras, these are what we call first chakra issues.

Before I continue, let me explain:

As a coach, I view coaching as a spectrum of services:

At Personal Empowerment Academy we typically work in the middle, as our clients are usually happy just to get the result without dwelling on how or why things aren’t working at an energetic level.

But today we are discussing energy work, because...

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You Never Know What Lies On The Other Side Of A Challenge... So Keep Going!


What Lies On The Other Side Of A Challenge?

Sometimes, in the midst of a challenge, it's easy to want to throw the towel in and you know... panic and quit.

My sister went through this panic while moving from a big house into a smaller unit. After signing the paperwork she returned to her house and thought, “Oh my gosh, my stuff isn't gonna fit! I've totally made the wrong decision!”

We often feel the same when business challenges hit. You know you’ve put your neck on the line for something, and if you start doubting yourself then, it can be very tempting to give up.

Some of the negative thoughts that can tempt us to quit are:

  • It's just me, I'm not good enough.
  • I'm not trying hard enough.
  • Things just aren't working out for me, despite my efforts.

Today I want to inspire you and encourage you to ignore those thoughts and keep going, because you never know what lies on the other side.

For my sister, packing everything up and going through all her stuff with...

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How To Feel Grateful When Times Are Tough


This article was originally inspired by Thanksgiving and seeing everyone's social media posts about being thankful. Ironically, the outpour of positivity in the days leading up to Thanksgiving reminded me that for many people, it’s not so easy. Festive holiday seasons can also stir up intense emotions like sadness and loneliness.

There are many reasons you may struggle to feel sincerely thankful, especially when times are tough in business. Whatever your reason, expressing gratitude for the things that you do have will help you improve how you feel, even if you are in a low and lonely place.

A Couple Tips to Stay Grateful

  • Get Back to Basics

There's sort of no point in saying, “I'm grateful for everything and the world is abundant,” if you don't feel like that at all. Be honest with yourself, and find basic things that you can genuinely feel thankful for.

Examples of the basics:

  • Just to be inside when it's freezing outside. You can start...
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How To Genuinely Believe Your Affirmations


Affirmations can play an important role in attracting more wealth and abundance IF they're used correctly! Unfortunately, in many cases, affirmations don't really work - and the reason has to do with the level of faith we put into them.

Do you really believe your affirmations? That's the question you really need to answer.

There are several ways to test your level of belief around your affirmations. One exercise you can try is to rate yourself out of 10 on a series of affirmations to see whether you actually believe them. The process for doing this would be:

  1. Say the affirmation out loud
  2. Score yourself out of ten in terms of how true or achievable the affirmation feels (note: this is a believability score rather than a measure of how much you want the outcome).

For each affirmation, a low score would indicate that you carry some resistance towards achieving your own goals. This may also lead you to make incorrect assumptions - for example, that you aren’t meant...

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Money Mindset: Expenses


Expenses, which is the fifth type of money, is something to be mindful of if you want to have a great relationship with money and a great money mindset.

Generally, there are two broad types of expenses. Necessities, i.e. your bills, housing, utilities, clothes, food, etc.  the essentials in life.

The other kind of expenses are considered luxuries; even though they may not include luxury brands. This segment comprises anything beyond necessities. Your mobile phone, designer clothing, holidays, are all good examples since you don’t need these to survive.

On a social level, we can say that what we spend on is a reflection of how we want to fit into society. It becomes a status symbol.

What's interesting about expenses is that they do tend to go up as your income goes up. Have you noticed this for yourself?  

For a lot of people, it often means moving into a better house, getting a better car, buying nicer clothes or going on holidays if you didn't do that before.


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Your Money Mindset: Income Goals


Do you deliberately set any income goals for yourself? Maybe for the year? Is there a specific amount of money that you're going after whether that's in your career or in your business?

When I talk to people about income goals, usually I find that there are two major types of challenges when it comes to setting effective income goals.

The first one is that some people don't actually set any goals at all. When you don't set a goal, you end up having a default goal which is usually somebody else's goal. A good example of this is corporate jobs.  A lot of people say “I just ended up here”, or “I landed in this job”, and often that's why. It's because of the absence of having clear goals, specifically an income goal.

By not setting a clear goal, you are actually imposing a ceiling on your income and earning capability.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you aspire to be the head of your department? It's not that if you're an accountant you need to...

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The Truth About Income


This article is part of the Money Mindset series where I've been talking about your relationship with money, and in particular around the six types of money.

So far we've covered savings, debt, and today we're going to talk about income.

When it comes to income, I like to dive right in because this one is best tackled on a practical level.

Take a few seconds to think about your income. How much do you earn? When do you get paid? Is it monthly? Or every other week?

We typically refer to income from a job, but it can also be from your business.

What I want you to do is to think about your income, it doesn't have to be exact, just something close. Visualise that number. Picture when that money comes in, when it hits your bank account, try to see that figure.

What I want you to take note of is whether any feelings are coming up around the visualisation of that amount of money.

The reason I'm asking you to do that is when it comes to income, particularly if it is a salary...

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What Is Your Relationship With Your Savings?


Savings is an important aspect of your relationship with money. You may earn a lot of money, but if you don't have a strong money mindset, you may not actually save any of it. You may spend everything that you earn and potentially even have debt around that, too. For that reason, saving is a good indication of the strength of your relationship with money.

I want you to keep in mind that we all have what's called a mind-body connection around savings. What this means is that you currently have certain beliefs around savings and you also have certain feelings and emotions about savings.

A good way to find out what those feelings and beliefs are is by answering a few quick questions: 

  1.  How much do you have currently in savings?
    Make a mental note of that.

  2. How much would you like to have in savings?
    And particularly note if there's a gap between what you have and what you'd like to have.

  3. The third part is, based on where you are right now, so you know, your current level...
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Your Money Mindset: The 6 Types of Money


One of the questions I get a lot from people as a coach is around whether or not people have a good money mindset. Many people think that if they can resonate with concepts like “abundance” then it means they have a good money mindset. And while abundance is a great thing to focus on, that doesn't necessarily mean that you've got a great mindset around money.

Whenever I'm talking about money, I really like to get into the specifics. When I’m coaching my clients, we don't focus on concepts like abundance. Instead, we get down to the nitty-gritty of it and actually talk about the different types of money.

Today want to give you a quick intro into six types of money that I actually focus on.

Later this week I will go into each of these types of money in more detail.

The first type of money is savings. Can you save money? Have you ever been able to save money? And how do you feel when you think about saving money?

The idea of savings might make you feel...

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