How Toni Cleared $100k of Debt in 6 Months


Meet Toni. She’s not a celebrity, not famous, but she’s got an incredible story worth sharing. She managed to clear $100k of credit card debt (and you can too).

We started together about 6 months ago, and Toni was completely overwhelmed.

The anxiety, the guilt, feeling like a failure, wondering how she’d ever get a handle on the debt.

Even though she had the option of selling her house, she knew she had to address the underlying issue that had gotten her there in the first place, otherwise, it’d just happen again- except this time she wouldn’t have a house to bail herself out with.

She’d done course after course and spent a whole lot of money searching for that magic pill to help her get out of her situation. But it was only when she enrolled in my Debt To Diamonds course that she finally got her money mindset right- and the numbers followed.

“We met on a cruise a couple of years ago and I thought I could work with you. It was your energy that attracted me to you - I’d seen you posting and I knew I needed someone that’s not just about the numbers. Bill didn’t want to spend the money but I told him I need this, and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. The best.”

Like many people, Toni wasn't confident using spreadsheets when she started. Now? Spreadsheets don’t scare her anymore. In the course, you can re-watch all the step by step videos as many times as you need, and after that, it’s as simple as taking a number from your bank statement and typing it into the spreadsheet. 

It’s not just about the numbers and spreadsheets though! Toni underwent a bigger shift as well, and changed her underlying money story. What did she learn?

  • Practical, financial money management skills (yes, spreadsheets!)
  • Cognitive techniques to manage the emotions around money and debt
  • The ability to manifest abundance for herself

Yes, opportunities started appearing. But the key difference was that she had the openness and skills to take advantage of them as they came. Big things like selling her own house and saving thousands in commission (which led to her listing the house next door, bringing even more commission), and then lots of little things like a pay rise at work and other unexpected benefits.

In just 6 months, Toni cleared $100 000 of credit card debt AND bought a new house- paying cash.

“We achieved all this even in the pandemic, so the sky’s the limit. You have to do the work but you have to get your head right too.”

The only thing Toni would change about her journey?

“I wish we’d signed up with you 2 years ago. 5 years ago actually. I’m so much more confident now with what we can do. But that’s only because of working with you. Now I know it won’t happen again.”

 Do Toni’s feelings sound familiar? If you also feel caught in a cycle of big money problems, comment below and let’s get you out of it.

Caroline x

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