The Truth About The Law Of Attraction

Are you familiar with The Law of Attraction?
It states that "whatever you feel and believe, you will attract more of into your life".
It's based on the idea that 'like attracts like'.
It sounds easy enough, but most people are actually using it the wrong way.
For example, to use the Law of Attraction to manifest more money, many entrepreneurs and professionals create and recite affirmations that focus on prosperity and abundance. 
But these affirmations don’t always work. 
Here's why:

First of all, concepts like ‘prosperity’ and ‘abundance’ are really non-specific and they don’t draw out any resistance we might have to going after a specific money goals. 

More importantly, when you say words like, “I'm so grateful that I’ve manifested a million dollars by the end of this year” but you don’t really believe it, you actually align yourself more strongly to the belief that you can’t do it, than to the affirmation. 

To get the Law of Attraction to work for you, you have to be completely aligned to the belief that achieving your goals is really possible for you. 


The Two Parts of Your Mind 

To understand how the Law of Attraction works, it helps to picture your mind as an iceberg. 

You’ve got the top part that sits above the water, and then beneath the water, deeply submerged, is the huge, chunky part that you can’t see on the surface. The bottom is always significantly bigger than the visible tip of the iceberg - and this is exactly how your mind operates. 

Your mind is divided into your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. (your body is also a an instrument of the mind, as it is the part of you that physically takes action, but for now we are looking only at the parts that contain all the thoughts and feelings that drive that action.) 

Your conscious mind is like the top part of the iceberg. It makes decisions and sets goals. It’s the bit of you that says, “I want that million dollars. I'm so determined to get it. I'm gonna use my sheer will and determination to go after that goal”. But despite the best intentions, what ultimately matters is what's going on in the larger, submerged part of the iceberg which represents your sub-conscious mind...

Most entrepreneurs don’t really understand the power of the sub-conscious mind. This part of the mind is where our self-belief (or self-doubt) lives and it’s responsible for our success or failure. This is the bit of you that responds to your conscious goal to make a million dollars that says, “You can't do that”. 


When the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work

For people who find that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, it's usually because they’ve got really strong limiting beliefs against what it is they want to attract. No matter how well you set your goals and design your strategies to achieve them, you will stumble again and again if you don’t address the sub-conscious resistance you have, because the pull of the sub-conscious mind is much stronger than your conscious mind, and therefore controls your results.

The Secret to Unlocking Your Subconscious 

If you want to get really good at using the Law of Attraction, you need to understand that your sub-conscious mind is really the driving force behind your behaviour. The Law of Attraction will only work for you when your sub-conscious mind and your conscious mind are completely aligned. 

The first step in achieving this alignment is to identify your self-limiting beliefs and to neutralise them. Doing this successfully often requires the expert help of a coach or mentor because it can be really difficult to see our own blind spots. 

If you’re ready to find and release your mental blocks to success, book in a free Money Breakthrough call here and I’ll show you exactly what’s really going on beneath the surface. 


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