Client Results: How Karen made an extra $4k per month

Think it's possible to make an extra $4K per month by writing it on a slip of paper?

For most people, it isn't. They write out the same goals year after year, or make vision boards... and nothing changes.

But it just happened to my client, Karen.

See, Karen recently stumbled across a goal she wrote a year ago while she was doing tax prep.

“I am earning fifteen hundred dollars per week,” she wrote.

Karen had forgotten all about this slip of paper.

Like a lot of people, Karen had set goals like this in the past with no luck. She felt stuck because she didn’t have the time to work on her goals or get extra support.


I'm sure you've heard that famous definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Karen realized that's what she was doing and she decided to try a different approach. She followed up on a conversation we had two years ago and ended up joining my Money Blocks Breakthrough Program.

Karen wanted to make more money, but with no time in her work schedule to kick off any of her side hustles, we had no idea where the money was going to come from.


That's the amazing thing about fixing your money mindset. Once you start clearing your blocks and set clear intentions, the world seems to meet you halfway.

Karen was only up to Module 2 when she sent me the text message below. You can imagine her excitement when she realized she'd hit a money goal off a random slip of paper! 


This is exactly what happens when you apply what you learn in my program.  


The best part? Karen didn't need to set up a new business to make more money. She was offered a better job opportunity with more money and better hours. $4K more per month, to be exact!


So what changed? 

  1. Karen started to shift her money mindset and release her money blocks 
  1. Karen put her new money ninja skills to work and she knew where she stood financially well before the extra money came in

 It's a winning combo.


As a professional money mindset coach, I have the credentials, but it's the financial failures I've had to overcome that makes my method bullet-proof.


Here's what you can expect from my Money Blocks Breakthrough program:

🔥 Release your money blocks, get out of debt, and manifest more money

🔥 Manage your money better and feel confident about your decisions

🔥 Learn the science of manifestation and start receiving unexpected money surprises and gifts

🔥 Live a more abundant and happy life

🔥 Live weekly support from me to get all your questions answered

 It works for everyone who follows the process.


If you still have old goals that you haven’t reached, it’s time we had a chat. I can help you mark those big goals off your vision board - send me a message to find out how.

To discover how you can clear your money blocks and create a life you love and deserve, check out our free Money Breakthrough training:

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