How I bounced back from my quarter life crisis

Have you ever had a major turning point in your life?

I had a major turning point just before my 30th birthday. The thing with turning points is that you usually don’t see them coming until they hit you in the face.

In my late 20’s, I was cruising along thinking that everything was going well in my life. I had a great job as a Commercial Manager for Australia’s largest media company, my catering business was doing well and I also had a fun side hustle singing in a pop girl group on weekends.

I was working really hard and I was the person who could get anything done. The problem was, playing the role of Superwoman came at a cost. My job was becoming really demanding and I was under an enormous amount of pressure at work. This is how I felt most days:  

I hit rock bottom one night when I was driving home from work. After working 13-hour days for many months straight, a crash was inevitable. Exhaustion became the norm; there was barely any time in my schedule for friends or family and I’d lost my passion for singing and the catering business.

It was like being stuck in a ditch with no real purpose or a way forward and I was sick of just existing rather than living. To make matters worse, my marriage was coming to an end and I felt really isolated.

As soon as I got into my car and drove out of the carpark, I burst into tears. I cried like a baby all the way home and I kept telling myself that there must be a better way.

This emotional meltdown was the wake-up call I desperately needed and the turning point in my life. I realised that a corporate career was not the long-term answer for me and I decided to pursue my passion and become a coach.

Pursuing your passion is the most rewarding thing you can do. I studied alongside some incredible mentors such as Bob Proctor and Margaret Lynch and not only did I learn how to coach others, I also saw amazing results in my own life.

Building my coaching practice part-time while I continued to get multiple promotions at work was incredibly rewarding. I joined a new band too and reignited my passion for singing.

It’s funny how hitting rock bottom and bouncing back can give you a new lease on life. I thought it was a quarter life crisis but it was a quarter life awakening. ​​​​​​​Once I started coaching, I also learned to appreciate my corporate job and when I left in June, I left my dream job to focus on a business I love even more.

Comment below if you've had your life turned upside down like this. What happened? And are you better off for it now? Let me know :)

To your success,

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