The Perfect Companion For Your Marketing

I spent many years following gurus who preached the idea of persevering through difficult challenges and “never giving up.”
It's not terrible advice. Obviously if you quit, it's game over.

But "never giving up" is not enough.
The harsh truth is: if you keep using the wrong techniques, you may never get there.
This realization occurred to me when I came across a business coach's video about getting your marketing right.
I had been stuck on a marketing issue for far too long. And I mean 'stuck' because by not knowing what to change, I couldn’t get the results I wanted.
The thought of never getting there terrified me. So I hired this business coach... and he helped me fix my issue on our very first call!
That's what happens when you fork out the big bucks and get help from an expert.
And then it dawned on me... the exact same thing is true for your money mindset: if you never clear your money blocks, you may never get there.
A lot of business owners think their only challenge is marketing. But to get the best results from your marketing, you have to get on top of your mindset FIRST.
See, you can have the best lead generation strategies in the world, but if you have money blocks, you’ll keep finding new ways to sabotage your efforts.
Some people get stuck at the 'surviving' level - they can never seem to make the money they want. And others experience the 'thriving' block - they can make money but have nothing to show for it.
Every client that has worked with me has made more money or eliminated debt. How?
Because they made major mindset shifts and learned how to manage their money.
And that business coach I hired, he took my mindset advice and made $30k in 24 hours.
So if you're wondering whether you need a marketing mentor or a mindset mentor, a better question to ask is: which one should I hire next?
Here are some common mindset blocks that will keep you from getting the most out of your marketing:
⛔ Procrastinating
⛔ Not charging what your services are worth
⛔ Not following up
⛔ Striving for perfection
⛔ Not showing up consistently
⛔ Not showing up with the right energy
⛔ Chasing shiny objects (including courses)
If you're struggling with any of these, your marketing mentor probably can't help.
They can advise you on marketing strategy but they won't know what's stopping you from implementing and getting results. That's a mindset problem.
A mindset reset may be the very thing that will allow your business coach to solve your marketing problems in one session, like my coach did.
If you want the perfect companion for your marketing, opt-in for my “Money Blocks Breakthrough Manifesto.” It will show you how to:
☑️ Improve your money mindset and get results using a simple, 5-minute-per day process
☑️ Embed your new money mindset into your marketing strategies

Comment below and I'll send you the link.
Caroline x

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