Aligning Your Business with the Energy of Money


As an entrepreneur, how you manage your relationship with money in your personal life also determines your success in business. Ultimately, you want to be the master of your money and your mindset. 


Your Money Energy

The state of your personal and business finances is a direct reflection of the money energy you carry. 

So what exactly is Money Energy? 

Your money energy is made up of the thoughts and beliefs you have about money. These thoughts and beliefs trigger specific emotions that get stored in your nervous system.

To put it another way, your money energy is basically how you feel about money - i.e. whether you have mostly positive or negative experiences with money. 

Most of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions you have about money were formed many years ago, when you were a young child. And that energy is what determines your relationship with money today.  


How To Control Your Money Energy 

To have a great relationship with money and to bring that energy into your business, you need to be aligned to the abundant energy of money. 

Use this simple 5-step process to start aligning your business to the abundant energy of money. 


The 5 Simple Steps To Align Your Business With The Energy of Money

If you aren’t familiar with Tapping, please watch the video above for a full demonstration of the process I’m about to describe. We will use tapping as a key element of steps 1-3.


Step 1: Identify Your Current Money Energy 

Start tapping on your collarbone point and ask yourself the following questions about money:

  • How do I feel about money?
  • What is my relationship with money?
  • Do I have a good relationship with money?
  • Do I think I'm a good money manager?
  • What's my dominant emotion around money?
  • Can I be trusted with a lot of money?

What thoughts and feelings arise?


Step 2: Neutralise Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Keep tapping and express all the negative things that came up in Step One. For example: 

  • I hate being in debt
  • I'm so angry that I'm not on top of my money
  • I don't know why I keep missing my revenue goals
  • I'm so frustrated about my money situation
  • It really sucks not having enough money

Continue venting your frustrations while tapping, until you feel calm about it. If you keep tapping, I assure you this moment will come, even though your actual money situation hasn’t changed. Allow the calmness in your body to neutralise the negativity. 


Step 3: Overlay A Paradigm of Empowerment 

Once you feel emotionally neutral, continue tapping while you say empowering things about money. You can also add statements of gratitude and positive affirmations to supercharge this opportunity. For example:

  • I'm so happy and grateful now that I am an empowered money manager
  • I take action every day to grow my business
  • I follow up all of my leads and I'm consistent with my sales calls
  • I am doing my best to become an empowered and productive money manager

Feel how these affirmations shift the energy in your body. 


Step 4: Take Action 

Now that you’ve identified your existing money energy, neutralised your negative emotions, and started to reprogram your mind & body with a positive money paradigm, it’s time to take action to improve your money story. 

It doesn't need to be perfect - imperfect action beats inaction every time. You can self-correct as you get feedback and learn. Whatever insight or inspiration came to you in Step Three, now is the time to act! 


Step 5: Rinse and Repeat 

The action you start with in Step Four will probably be focused on one area of your money. For example, reducing your debt balance. To achieve this goal, you will need take consistent action over a period of time - so it’s important to repeat steps 1-3 regularly, to really get your new paradigm to stick. 

Once you’ve mastered this process for your first goal, you can use it over and over again to align other areas of your business to the abundant energy of money. 

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To your success, 


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