Being Prepared For Opportunities


The inspiration for this week’s post is my band, The D'Lights. They’ve taught me one of the biggest lessons that can be applied in any business and industry which is how to be prepared for opportunities. 

If I had to break it down I’d say:

Master your craft: put your skills to work, get really good at what you do, and be the best in your field. "Success happens at the intersection of preparedness and opportunity".  

We've been singing together for years working at our craft. A few days ago we sang at a church service, and someone approached us afterwards and decided to book us for a gig. 

If we hadn't done the work that got us to sounding the way that we do, those opportunities wouldn't come our way. The same thing applies to any business.

Do you want an opportunity to speak on stage? Take the first step by having your speech ready. Know what your offer is and know exactly how you're going to handle the situation. Or at least be prepared to have a go at it when that opportunity comes your way. The last thing you want is an amazing opportunity gets presented to you and you totally freak out because you've done no preparation. 

That's my quick lesson for today, if you want to listen to my band perform click on the video above.


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