Finding The Root Cause Of Your Challenges


At different times in your life, you may find yourself in what I call an “avalanche challenge.” You know, where one big thing happens and while you're trying to deal with that, the next thing happens, and it all starts to roll into one. These overwhelming times challenge your strength and character, and often kick you back into “survival mode.”

“Survival mode” typically kicks in when you are trying to deal with issues around your sense of security and safety, having your basic needs met, and/or your idea of what your foundational support is.

In terms of chakras, these are what we call first chakra issues.

Before I continue, let me explain:

As a coach, I view coaching as a spectrum of services:

At Personal Empowerment Academy we typically work in the middle, as our clients are usually happy just to get the result without dwelling on how or why things aren’t working at an energetic level.

But today we are discussing energy work, because these “avalanche challenges” come as a massive invitation for you to heal from old, foundational wounds.

So, chakras are like energy centres within the body. Your first chakra is located at the base of your spine and is connected to how supported you feel in living your life. It has a lot to do with grounding overall.

 The idea in energy healing is that you always want to start at your first chakra because you've got to get grounded right before you can move into your higher level needs and desires.

As I’ve said, these situations have to do with healing, specifically with regards to things that have happened usually in your past, like even going back to your childhood or maybe your teenage years. A lot of people are surprised when, in their mid 30s, even their 40s, they’re suddenly facing things that they may not have dealt with previously.

If you’re facing something like this, it might have never occurred to you that these things were even issues, but you will know it because they return as a series of problems that take you back--mentally, emotionally, even physically, like to an old environment--to deal with core issues around your sense of security and sense of self.

How to Heal First Chakra Issues

Because first chakra issues centre around your feeling of being supported in the world, my best advice for you is to ask for and accept support and help from others.

If you open your heart and relax a little bit, you can see that there are a lot of people around you who are actually willing to give you their time, give you their help, give you their support. Remember, we're not meant to go through life completely alone. Sometimes you'll be quite amazed at who does pop up and who's there to support you!

Deeper Healing

If you don't completely know how to clear away old issues, that is something I specialise in and I'd be more than happy to help you deal with that. Contact me today!


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