Have you been neglecting your mindset?

The other day I replaced a cartridge in a high-end water purifier.

It was meant to take 5 minutes… but it took me over an hour (and after a couple of tantrums, I finally asked someone to help me!)

Was there something wrong with the filter? Nope.

Did I follow the instructions incorrectly? Not this time (although that has happened before!).

The problem was, I hadn’t used this particular water purifier in several years. This caused the filter cartridge to get over-saturated and it created a tight seal inside the unit. So separating the filter cartridge from the lid required a mammoth effort.

At first I felt annoyed because the advertised '5 minute filter change' had failed by miles. But of course I accepted it was my fault, and because of one thing - neglect.

It's actually a story I see playing out all the time in the mindset space.

Most business owners believe their mindset is fine because they read 'Think And Grow Rich' ten years ago. So they go about spending all their funds on marketing courses & mentors.

Spending money on marketing is, of course, an essential part of running and growing a business. But if you keep trying new marketing tactics and you're not seeing great results, it may be time to do some internal work.

Now, deciding to make a change is a great first step, but people often waste time doing the wrong things. Like launching into reciting daily affirmations or sitting through hours of meditation.

These are great mindset practices but they don't always work first up.

You see, much like the seal that formed inside my water purifier, toxic thoughts and habits can get locked in when you neglect your mindset.

The real trick to getting better results is to identify and clear the internal blocks that are keeping you stuck. I call it a Mindset Reset.

Once you've broken the seal and released the blocks, you're much more likely to succeed with a daily mindset routine.

So if you're reading this and wondering whether your latest marketing challenge could be a hidden mindset block, book a call with me here and let's have a chat about it.

You could be one mindset reset away from getting your marketing to work and smashing through your income ceiling.

Keep shining,

Caroline x

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