How I Manifested 100 Designer Dresses on New Years Day


Is Manifestation a real thing or is it just luck?

There seems to be two schools of thought on manifestation.

Those who swear by it - and those who think its spiritual fluff.

As a money mindset coach, people assume I'm in the first camp.

But I agree with both perspectives.

You see, the problem is that people who claim to 'manifest' things, tend to only say that when good things happen.

They have no explanation for the times things don't work out.

And they usually can't teach the process to anyone.

This is what I call Magical Manifesting - basically nothing more than wishing and hoping.

Like the time I printed out the picture of the $1M cheque from The Secret and stuck it up on my wall... and nothing happened.

I felt like an idiot for doing it but I didn't give up on the concept of manifestation.


Because lots of big things have come to me over the years that seemed like more than random coincidences.

Things like the prestigious business scholarship I got at the end of high school. My careers advisor told me not to get my hopes up, yet I walked out of the interview knowing I was getting a spot.

And I did.

Or the time I did my business forecast and worked out I needed to come up with $80,000 to fund some activities.

Then the following weekend, my accountant gave me some surprising news. It turned out 2 different accountants and a financial planner had made a mistake on some old investment numbers. A mistake to the sum of $83,000.

So I walked out with the money I needed for my business and a little bit to spare.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But then there's also the fact that I've always manifested things like clothes and shoes.

In big quantities. Like random gifts of 50 pairs of shoes delivered to my doorstep.

And on News Year's Day 2020, it happened again.

I received a gift of over 100 designer dresses from someone I'd only met a couple of months earlier.

These things don't happen very often to most people. But they happen to me all the time.

And because of that, I've spent the last few years working out how manifesting works... and also how it doesn't work.

I call it The Science of Manifestation.

In a nutshell, the key to manifesting things is starting with a firm intention.

Not a wish or a goal. An Intention.

Then you need to align your energy with the energy of the outcome you want. And take consistent action.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard similar steps before. So if manifesting hasn't worked for you in the past, here are the top two reasons it fails:

1. Confusing ‘intention’ with ‘wanting’ or ‘longing’.

2. There are money blocks occupying your focus.

Both of these traps mean your energy is aligned to fear and doubt rather than creating the outcome you want.

Manifesting works IF you do it correctly.

Next time I'm going to go deeper into the 'how to' of this - look out for my next post later this week. 

Caroline x

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