How To Manifest Incredible Results With A Powerful Money Mindset


When you have a powerful money mindset, you can start to excel in all areas of your life because you’ll learn how to operate with more clarity, focus and balance. 

A lot of the personal challenges I faced during my 20s stemmed from having a weak money mindset.

When I left high school many moons ago, I was really fortunate to be accepted into a prestigious business scholarship program at one of Australia’s top universities. Even though my scholarship opened up many doors for me, I very quickly realised that the corporate world wasn’t what I hoped it would be and I felt really unhappy in my career. Most of the time I felt like a square peg trying to squeeze through a round hole. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that a lot of my challenges stemmed from having a weak money mindset and not believing I was worthy of success. This self-limiting belief caused me to work long hours and I would often stare at my computer screen and wonder: “Is this it? Is this really all I’m going to do with my life?”. 

Deep down I knew that I was meant for more so during my 20s, I started searching for other ways to make money. I tried lots of different things including network marketing, internet marketing and I also sang in several bands. 

Some of my business ventures made money and others lost money, but nothing seemed to reach the level I was shooting for. This pattern continued throughout my 20s and even though I read loads of personal development books, I couldn’t find a way to break through my success ceiling. 

That all changed when I read ‘The Secret’. Something shifted within me and I did something I’d never done before - I got myself a coach. It was something I'd always wanted to do, but somehow I’d convinced myself that I could only get a coach once I was already successful and wealthy. This was a really backwards way of thinking and it slowed down my progress by many years. 

So I took the plunge, I got a coach, and very quickly through that process, I actually decided that I wanted to be a coach. I knew it was my calling. I always had a really strong passion for personal development so I embarked on a certification to become a life & mindset coach. 

I know that I had my hands on life-changing information because as I started to apply what I learned during my training, I experienced a really massive mindset shift and my life began to transform in unexpected ways. I say ‘unexpected’ because my goal at the time was to escape the stress of the corporate world, and I wanted to leave to run my own business, but as my mindset started to transform, here’s what happened: 

  • I made really big health and fitness improvements and wellness became a priority in my life. I got into my best shape ever and I haven’t looked back since.  
  • I re-discovered my passion for singing and I started a new band with some of my best friends, and we still sing together today. 
  • My leadership capability also took off and I started to get promotion after promotion in the corporate world. The funny thing is, things that used to stress me out (that caused me to hate my job) started to become really insignificant, and that's because I stepped up. 

The common thread with these results is that because my mindset shifted, I learned how to think differently and therefore how to behave differently. I became incredibly focused and productive and that allowed me to build my coaching business in my spare time, while I climbed the corporate ladder and worked my way up to a dream job that I didn't even know was my dream at the time. The best part is, when I finally did leave the corporate world last year, it was because my business needed me full time, not because I was running away from my life. 

The key to having a powerful money mindset is, ironically, that it's not about the money at all. By letting go of the panic and desperation of wanting to leave my job, I actually attracted much bigger and better things into my life. I operated with more abundant energy which allowed me to get really good at my job while I was able to pursue my passion of coaching as a side hustle. 

So if you're someone who works really hard and you put your heart and soul into everything that you do, but you're not quite getting the results that you want, then I want you to look at something that you may have missed altogether - just like I did in my 20s. That missing piece was: having a solid money mindset. Once I mastered my money mindset, everything in my life improved and I'd really love to help you do the same. 

People often ask me: "Where do I start? How do I know what money mindset means? What should I do to improve it?" To help you kickstart this journey, I'd like to give you a copy of my free book where I share the exact technique that skyrocketed my results. It’s the single biggest thing that triggered my mindset and it's something you can apply in only a couple of minutes every day. 

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