How To Overcome Financial Trauma


If you've been experiencing a particular money pattern for a while, then it could be because you've gone through some kind of financial trauma. Since a particular traumatic event your money might not have been the same, or you might be struggling with a particular issue, like not being able to save or being in debt or not being able to hit your income goals.


Types of Financial Trauma

I mentioned in my last video that there are two types of financial trauma.

  1. The first of these is loss-based financial trauma. This is a trauma that is surrounded by feelings of sadness and unfairness that keep your finances stuck the way they are today. This inability to let go of these feelings of sadness and unfairness means you're not actually putting all of your energy, your brilliance, your great ideas and your problem-solving capability into solving whatever the issue is around your finances.  
  2. The second type of financial trauma is anger-based financial trauma. Anger is such a strongly fueled emotion that you want to deal with it in the right way. When you have a financial trauma that you're still angry about, whether that's anger directed at yourself or anger directed at others, then what happens is anger becomes the primary emotion that surfaces when you're dealing with money. The interesting thing with anger is that, especially if it's anger at yourself, you can feel really justified in that anger because of the strong emotional attachment to that past event.

When you're holding onto such intense negative emotions, your ability to thrive financially and to tap into your best source of creativity really gets compromised, because you're just caught up in a negative spiral. You may not even realize that it is this past event that is triggering that.


Overcoming Financial Trauma

There are three key steps to overcoming financial trauma.

1- The first step is that you actually want to neutralize the negative emotions associated with the trauma altogether. It's really this negative cycle of emotions that makes it impossible for you to have a great relationship with money. 

This can be done using a clearing tool like tapping.  Tapping is going to help settle the energy that's running live through your nervous system that keeps you stuck in that situation.

Really get to the heart of what you're feeling and, if it’s loss that really resonates with you, then you can say words that describe that loss. Just tap on the various points and say something like, “I lost so much. I lost so much from this experience. I lost everything. I feel so alone in what I've experienced and nobody understands. I lost so much that day, and I lost so much more than money”.

Try to get to the core of what it is that you lost. Maybe you lost your confidence. Maybe your self-esteem took a hit. Maybe you even  feel like you lost yourself in that moment, and you haven't been able to recover properly since.

If it’s anger at yourself then you would focus on the mistakes that you feel that you made. The words that you would express for anger-based trauma would be quite different to the loss-based trauma. So your tapping script might go something like this:

“There I was, making so many mistakes, and doing everything wrong. I'm an idiot, and I should've known better. I should've done much better in that situation. I was too trusting, and I was too naive. I was weak, and that is totally unforgivable”.

When tapping, just say the words that express how you really feel. Tapping is a good way to release negative emotions and neutralize them to really deactivate that stress response that you react with every time you interact with money.

One thing to note here, is once you effectively deal with the anger and you neutralize it, then what you'll suddenly get faced with is those feelings of loss. When you do get to that point, then you want to go back and do the loss tapping. You'll need to clear both anger and then loss.  


2 - The second step is to actually make some way in your life for compassion and forgiveness, especially if you have been angry at yourself.

Once you have let go of the intensity of the emotions, then you actually want to release that anger that you have towards yourself. If there's anger towards others, then you'll want to release that too. To move on from intense emotions you're really going to have to forgive yourself and forgive any other people who were involved in the situation. One way to forgive yourself is to utilize compassion to understand that you were probably doing your best at the time.

Another way to approach this is to look at it as if it wasn't you, as if that was somebody else, imagining your younger self as another person. Sometimes it's really hard to shut off our own inner critic. Try to imagine that it's someone else and see whether you would exert the same level of judgment and criticism on that person.


3- The third and final step is to learn from the experience, see the gifts from what happened, and take empowered action so that you can move forward and create a much better financial situation for yourself.

When you're able to detach from the negative emotions of a financial trauma, you're then able to look back on the situation and actually see what you learned from it. When you learn to detach from the negative emotions of a financial trauma, what you'll find is you're actually so much wiser and smarter now, and you're more equipped to deal with similar types of situations. As a result, you've stepped up your responsibility and you're better to take ownership of financial situations now. Maybe you've learned how to track finances that you didn't know how to before.

When you're able to look at a situation objectively that was once very raw and used to hurt you, then you're actually able to see the gifts in that situation. When you can see the gifts in the situation, you're now able to learn from the experience and operate from a much wiser and empowered state.


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