How To Shift To An Energetic State To Increase Your Income


Sometimes when you go through a series of life events, your life feels like it’s in an absolute state of chaos. Maybe you're physically busy or you're mentally busy, or both. At other times you may just be feeling your energy isn’t in the right place and you’ve lost your focus. Perhaps you go to work on things every day, but you find that you have to keep resetting your plans or revisiting them, and you're not sure what it is that you should be working on.

The solution to getting your focus back is to be in a specific kind of energetic state where you're productive, creative and able to tap into the right resources that are going to move you forward. You usually know when you're not in a productive state because often two of the most toxic emotions surface - anger and fear.

There can be anger around things to do with your current circumstances or even things to do with the past. One of the tell-tale signs of anger is you might be snappy or impatient and the anger gets reflected in your tone. If you don't process and deal with your anger properly, then you usually end up taking it out on other people either directly or in the way you receive the information. Anger can also cause you to feel resentful or even jealous of other people’s success, particularly at a time when you’re feeling your life is out of focus. You may even take a personal hit and you feel like you can never get ahead while everyone else is making progress.

Another emotion that comes along with anger is fear. Fear causes you to worry about the fact that you're not achieving your goals, or you don't have direction. Fear can cause you to start to say things like:  

“Why does this always happen to me? Why do bad things always happen to me? Why can't I get focused? Why aren't I moving ahead?”.

These negative emotions can cause you to end up falling into a deep negative spiral.

The key to shifting to an energetic state that will help you to increase your income or achieve your goals is to break out of your negative state first. If you're trying to just focus on the positive stuff while you've still got anger or resentment or fear, you will end up being in a state of artificial harmony.

Anger is a really highly-charged emotion and it's intense. If you've watched any of my videos in the past, you'll know that I use a technique called Tapping to deal with a lot of negative emotional states. However, sometimes when your anger is really intense, tapping isn't the best tool to use initially. Sometimes you need to do something a lot more physical to release your anger, to physically release it from your body.

One of the best things you can do to release your anger is to do some sort of intense, really physical exercise. If you like to run, then going for a run is a great way to just get your body moving to release some endorphins, and to really start to shift that anger. If you prefer to walk, go for a really vigorous walk, or a good paced power walk. Even the fresh air around you will really help you to start to shift that anger around.

Another way to release anger is to grab a pillow and actually just start punching the pillow. That might sound really bizarre, but it is a way to physically get some of the anger out of your body in a way that doesn't hurt anybody else, and doesn't hurt you. You can also scream your anger out (preferably when you're on your own so you don't scare anyone!).

Once you've been able to clear your anger, you then want to start to focus on gratitude. A great place to do this is outdoors - if you’re going for that run or you're going for that vigorous walk. Once you feel like the anger is lifting and clearing from your body, start to tell yourself things that you're grateful for. Even just some of the basic things, like the home that you live in, the people that you have around you, your friends, your family.

Gratitude will start to shift you into a better energetic state. Once you start to get into that state, then you want to refocus on what your goals are. Having some solid goals that you're striving for is really important. Then you want to back your goals with a clear strategy and an action plan and start to execute on those actions.  

If this sounds great in theory but you feel really stuck, then maybe now is the time to get some help. You don't need to stay in this state.

It's really something that's quite easy to break out of but sometimes it does take some guidance for you to be able to follow through the motions in the right order and follow through on an action plan.

Life is too short to stay stuck and unhappy. Book in a call with me below and I’ll help you get un-stuck in record time.


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