How To Use Anger To Fuel Your Success


Knowing how to neutralize negative energy is critical for developing a sound money mindset. But sometimes negative emotions, especially anger, make great fuel to get you going. 


A Competitive Process

I recently attended the 30th-anniversary ball for a scholarship program I was a part of when I was at university. During her speech, the program director spoke of the 1,000+ students who compete each year for only 30 places. It reminded me of what that competitive process was like for me, years ago. While years of hard work and some good luck played their parts in my success, so did anger.

You see, among other things this application required a reference letter. I decided to petition my school’s Curriculum Coordinator, an older gentleman and a science teacher. But when I brought him my paperwork, with all my hope, he just said, “I don't know why you're applying for this. You're just gonna get really disappointed. Girls from our school don't get these scholarships.”

Partly in shock, I didn’t say anything. But what I thought was, “Fuck you, buddy. I'm getting this scholarship.” 

Suddenly, I felt like I didn’t just want it for me anymore; I felt like I owed it to my school to break this idea that we don't get scholarships. My anger helped me work even harder. 


Get Fired Up 

Years later, sitting in this beautiful ballroom, an honored alumnus of this amazing program, I couldn’t wait to share this story with you, the Money Mindset Accelerator community. 

There are always people or events that spark anger in us, and it can either eat you up, or fire you up. 

Let anger fire up a hunger within you. It rises up to test whether you want the goal you're going after or not--and then it tests your character and your strength. How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to be defeated? 


Ask yourself

How can you use anger to fuel your success? Don’t just ask yourself, “What am I fed up with?” 

If you really want to use your anger to fuel your growth and success, you have to ask, “What am I fed up with about myself?” Because those things you can change.  

  • What excuses do I keep giving myself?
  • How long have I been going after the same goal in the same way?
  • Am I really giving it my all? 
  • What are the reasons I have let myself down?
  • Do I accept these reasons? 


Use It Wisely 

Again, our focus is generally on staying positive. But when anger can fuel you to get to a good outcome, then I'm certainly an advocate of going for it. Then, with time and practice, you can develop additional tools and skills to operate from a place of more positive energy.

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