How two of my clients got $200k+ jobs during a global pandemic



It’s impossible to get a high paying job during COVID. Everyone knows that.

Except two of my clients just landed $200k+ jobs.

Let’s start with ‘Rob’ (not his real name - he’s a high-profile executive and wants to remain anonymous).

Rob left his last exec role 18 months ago. Now you’d think it would be easy for a high level boss to walk into another well paying job - but it’s often not.

You see, there just aren’t that many exec roles around at any one time.

And the recruitment process is usually a formality because they already know who they want. These types of jobs aren’t generally advertised on online job boards either.

Rob would sit for months and get zero calls from recruiters.
And for the roles Rob did apply for, he got rejected every time. With each knock-back, his confidence took a further hit, until one day he knew he had a problem he couldn't fix on his own.

Rob had progressed to the fourth interview stage for a senior role. Yet instead of feeling excited and confident, a voice in his head told him...

"You're never going to get this. You didn't get the other jobs, so why would you get this one? There's bound to be other candidates who are better than you. I bet you're only here to make up the numbers."

He was actually EXPECTING to get rejected again.

At this point, he approached me and said "I can't get rejected again. I need this job!"

Rob thought his confidence was an issue. But actually it was his money mindset.

The fear of running out of money was getting in the way and it was stopping him from focusing on what he had to offer.

We went through my unique process of Resetting Internal & External Importance and within 2 sessions he was more confident than ever before!

He spoke more decisively. Walked taller. Carried an air of strong confidence.

He strode into that 4th interview knowing he'd get the job...

...and that's exactly what happened!

Then literally a day later, another client, Arni (who happens to be my big brother!), told me he got an interview for the exact type of job we’d talked about on our last call.

And he got the job too.

It’s not a coincidence. Arni and Rob both joined my Money Blocks Breakthrough program and shifted their money mindset to get kickass jobs. And they both did it within the first few weeks of starting the program.

Even though we've been in the middle of a global pandemic, top job opportunities still exist - and not just in Finance or IT.

The lesson here is that it's never about the specific job. It's about your money mindset.

Rob and Arni were getting in their own way and they didn't even realise it.

Once we got all the mental 'head trash' out of the way, the results came fast.

Check out Arni's video to hear about how getting the exact job he wanted felt as easy as picking food from a free seafood buffet! 


Caroline x

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