Make More Money and Give More of Your Time


What Is The The Law Of Reciprocity?

At the most basic level, we could use the entrepreneur example: you've got something to sell, products or services, and you will provide those in exchange for a fee. 

That's kind of basic giving and receiving, but I believe there is a much broader application of that as well, in business, and certainly in other aspects of life. 

Some of the mentors that I've worked with, like Akbar Sheikh and Julie Tingen who both use the tagline “make more so you can give more” believe that we, as entrepreneurs, can make as much money as we can so that we can ultimately give a lot more back. 


Do You Feel That Making More Money Is Greedy? 

Some people feel that making a lot of money is really greedy.  If that applies to you I'd urge you to challenge yourself look for the belief that’s causing that particular money block. 

There's no reason why you have to be greedy if you make a lot of money. My view is that you should make enough as you need to fund the lifestyle that you want, and then give the rest away. 


Different Ways Of Giving Back

There's so many different charities who need your money, but I'm also a really big advocate of giving time.

Once you’ve covered your bills and have the lifestyle that you want, then you're able to be a lot more giving because there is no pressure. You’re not in survival mode. 

Sometimes we underestimate the impact that our personal time can have on somebody's life, but it's those moments that really touch our hearts.

Last year, my Uncle Serge passed away. One of my strongest memories is from his final few months when my band and I came and sang in his hospital room. Some family members joined us and it was just the most beautiful moment.


How Giving Back Activates Abundance

So my message today is that if you're not making enough, you’re struggling, and maybe even thinking “this entrepreneurial thing isn't for me, I'm gonna have to go back and get a job” think about the bigger picture and look for ways to give back. Because it's through the act of giving that ultimately you're going to receive back in much bigger ways towards your business.

I fundamentally believe that because it's all about the energy that you operate with. If you're in scarcity mode and focusing on lack and what you don't have, then that's what you'll continue to attract back in your life. If you actually flip that around and you start giving more, then you will be in that energy of giving and abundance, and a lot of that is going to come back your way. It can be ideas to make the money or even a bit of a character overhaul through mentorship, if that’s what you need.

But if you're struggling I want you to really kick off that cycle by thinking of ways that you can give back. 

Remember that you can always reach out to me. I know that not everyone can afford to work with me directly or do one of my programs, but I'll have a chat to anybody who reaches out, and I have a lot of free tools and resources that I can send your way as well.

So don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help because that is another one of the ways that I love giving back.

For today and this week I want you to have a think about what your special talents, skills and abilities are, and think of whether you can use those talents and skills to touch another person's life and think of something you can maybe put out there. If singing is your thing, maybe sing at nursing homes! There are so many opportunities to go and cheer up someone who's maybe going through a tough time. 

Please post below and let me know what special talents you have that you can share with people, and if you have done that before and it's impacted someone's life in a special way then please drop me a comment and let me know what that is. 


To your success, 


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