Money Blocks | Where They Come From & How To Fix Them


If you’ve been watching my videos on money mindset mastery, you already know the importance of neutralizing your money blocks. These 3 simple steps will help you tap into their roots to clear them out fast! 


The 2 Major Money Blocks 

Money blocks are self-limiting beliefs around money. When left unchecked, they keep you stuck. This happens in one of two ways: 

1. Money blocks make you stay poor

For people with this type of money block, saving feels impossible. Somehow money always runs out and you can’t help but spend everything you earn. For some, it means cycling in and out of debt, unable to truly break out. For others, it’s never being able to reach your income goals, regardless of strategies and effort. 

2. Money blocks make you feel poor

With this type of money block, you may have money in the bank, but your feelings about money are negative: anxious, fearful, guilty, or ashamed. You find yourself unable to enjoy your objectively good financial standing and you operate with a mindset of lack. 


The Origins of Money Blocks 

Money blocks get formed during childhood, when our minds are really impressionable and we absorb everything that’s going on around us. As we get older, we repeat what we absorb. If we absorb negative beliefs about money, they become our own money blocks that will keep repeating at a sub-conscious level - unless we take action to stop it! 

These negative beliefs form both subtly over time, and through any highly emotional experiences we have in our early lives. For example, when I was 4 years old, I learned a hard lesson about not having any money. My friend’s mum worked in the school canteen used to give my friend and I ‘free’ food. I had no idea that she was buying these snacks behind the scenes and I assumed everything was free. To my horror, I suffered extreme humiliation when I tried to order a strawberry frozen yoghurt at the school canteen and my friend’s mum told me I would have to start paying for my own food. The fear and shock I took on from this experience, ended up shaping a lot of my experiences with money for years to come.

The Importance of Clearing Money Blocks

Believe me: clearing your money blocks is essential to getting where you want to be financially, especially if you’re trying to grow your business. 

Even after becoming a certified practicing accountant (CPA), I ended up unable to meet my income goals and heavily in debt. It was because I was carrying such a strong negative money energy.  Once I started doing the deeper work, I not only got out of debt, I also started multiplying my earnings and my savings!  

Now I teach this same work to my clients through 3 simple steps. 


3 Simple Steps to Identifying Your Money Blocks 

1.Use tapping to get in tune with your money energy
Check out my YouTube videos to review what tapping is and how to do it (it’s easy!).Tapping allows us to activate energy channels, identify the emotions we associate with money and locate where we keep that negativity stored in our bodies. 

2. Neutralise the negative emotions that come up in Step 1.
As you practice tapping, allow negative emotions to arise. Recognise whatever negativity you are carrying around with you - possibly anger or resentment for the past - and acknowledge that you must let that go before you can move forward. As you tap, you will learn to “tap it out.” 

3. Overlay your new and improved money mindset.
Focus on more empowering beliefs and visualize the situation you want. Take ownership of your life, your goals and your future. 

This 3-step process is one of the many strategies I use to help clients neutralise their money blocks in as little as 2 sessions, totally transforming their finances! 

To find out how you get the same results, book a call with me here. 


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