Setting Up Solid Foundations For Business Success


One of the quirky things that I always wanted when I was a child was a waterbed. As soon as I bought my first home, I got myself a waterbed and I've had it ever since. Waterbeds are built with very strong, solid foundations so they can last you a lifetime if you look after them.

Just like a waterbed, you've got to have really solid foundations in your personal life to be able to succeed in building an authentic business. If you don't clean up the rubbish in your personal life, then you're going to bring that energy directly across into your business.

Two areas that entrepreneurs in particular need to address when trying to succeed in business are:

1. Making sure that you deal with your personal baggage. If you’re still harboring resentment or anger towards others and if you can’t move on from memories of past events, then it’s going to affect your ability to focus on what’s happening for you now.  You're going to feel like your focus gets broken where you're being pulled into the past constantly. 

These past events will also affect your business dealings with people. If you are harboring resentment, it might affect your ability to trust other people. If you're still haunted by memories of being burnt in the past, it gets reflected in your tone and in your ability to be open and honest with people. It’s definitely worth taking the time to clear your personal baggage because it follows you wherever you go and you can’t hide from it.

2. The other area that needs attention is your personal finances. A lot of people set really aggressive business goals. They may be going for $10k$20k or $100k per month but are struggling to save money in their personal life. If you've got debt that you feel drowned by or if you're a reckless spender, take a moment to capture that awareness and be honest with yourself. If you can't manage your personal finances at a small level, then you're going to take those habits and carry them directly into your business life. That's going to stifle your ability to manage your money and bring about the growth that I'm assuming you want in your business.

These are two areas that I strongly suggest you look at if you have been stuck in business. Sometimes a good way to get a kickstart is to have an expert guide you through the process where you can get those issues looked at and get yourself set up on a really great path.

Nothing will change in your personal life or your business if you're going to take the same character, the same patterns, and the same behaviors into every situation.

If this is an area where you're struggling, and you really want to go about laying solid foundations for your business success, then now is the time to contact me to get a foundation that is as stable as a waterbed.


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