The LCS Formula For Attracting Your Ideal Clients



What would someone look for if they were thinking of working with you or joining your program?

When I'm deciding whether to hire a particular expert, I always look for the following 3 things - and if you're an expert, you can use my LCS Formula to attract more of your ideal clients.

The LCS Formula:

✅ LIKABILITY - do I like their style? You can always tell this from their videos. Written posts can be great too but some people have excellent copywriters doing that part for them - so I rely on videos.

✅ CREDIBILITY - do they know what they're talking about? What have they have achieved in their own life and helped their clients achieve? What relevant experience do they have (LinkedIn is a good spot to check out someone's background)?

✅ SUITABILITY - is their offer what I want/need right now - i.e. self learning modules, a group program, 1on1 help? Is the price what I'm willing to pay for this person's help (this is usually a no-brainer based on ROI)?

If I like person's style and the type of help they're offering, it's then always down to credibility to seal the deal. And there's two things I look for:



How long has this person been in business? It doesn't need to be forever but I want to see that they have real business acumen.

Their previous background might be a bonus too - i.e. if I'm looking for a sales coach and they used to work in sales, that's a bonus.

Or if I'm looking for a money mindset expert and they have a 17 year background managing billion dollar budgets, that's a bonus too! 😜



And I mean the third party kind! Self-praise can work if you know the person is legit, but I know a lot of marketers who stretch the truth too... just saying.

For me, there's something special about someone taking the time to write a testimonial or make a video letting others know how an expert has impacted their life or the lives of others.


Today's video is one of my all-time favourite endorsements (check it out above 👆).

Not just because it's from Bob Proctor (yes the REAL Bob Proctor), but because I spent ten years of my life 'wishing' that one day I'd get to meet Bob... and when I got my mindset right, I not only met Bob, I trained with him, visited his home and created my own business helping others achieve their dreams.

Sometimes your biggest dreams are more within your reach than you realise, you just need the right expert to show you the way.


Have a great day!



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