The Missing Piece To Your Success


When it comes to setting and achieving your business goals, there are many different elements that make up a successful business. To make a regular, recurring income as a solo entrepreneur, you need to master the following components:

  • Your offer: you’ve got to have an offer that appeals to people and that solves a painful problem

  • A Solution: you have to solve the problem your customers are facing - either by already having the skills to solve the problem yourself, or you may need to up-skill to stay at the top of your game and keep evolving your solution.

  • Work Ethic: to be successful in business, you've got to be prepared to get off your backside, do the work and show up consistently in your business.

  • Mindset: mindset is the absolute key, because if your mindset is not in the right place, then it affects every other element. Your mindset underpins everything else that you do in your business so you've really got to work out how to operate with the best energy and attitude every day.  

A common example of a weak mindset is where entrepreneurs get caught in the cycle of doing course after course in the hope that the next course will be the answer to all their problems. It’s one thing to complete a course to refine a specific skill, however I’m talking about course-hopping from one course to the next when you haven’t finished the one you’re in. 

Entrepreneurs will often start a course with a strong feeling of excitement, however they mentally quit part-way through because something triggers a belief that it’s not going to work for them. This is when it’s easy to feel inspired by someone else’s sales pitch and to buy a new version of the same promise, only to repeat exactly the same cycle again.

Entrepreneurs who engage in this kind of behaviour have a mindset roadblock that has two major impacts: 

  1. They become convinced that they have a strategy problem when they actually have an execution problem. It’s their mindset that causes them to self-sabotage so that they give up before completing what they’re implementing. 

  2. They collect so many courses, it becomes impossible to work through them all. As a result, they not only miss out on learning the course content, they may also experience feelings of self-loathing for spending a lot on courses without seeing any positive results.

I experienced this cycle of self-sabotage during my 20s. I always enjoyed studying personal development and I read everything I could get my hands on about being successful, but nothing seemed to shift the needle for me. I even went on to complete a coaching certification with one of the world’s best-known personal development gurus, but despite having access to a lot of life-changing information, something was still missing for me. After years of searching for answers, I finally worked it out: the missing piece to having abundance and success is having a rock-solid money mindset. 

Your money mindset goes far beyond reciting affirmations or writing ‘One Million Dollars’ on your vision board. While it’s great to have stretch goals and to know what you’re aiming for, affirmations can have a detrimental effect if you don’t really believe them. Affirmations can actually trigger more self-limiting beliefs because you can’t fool your sub-conscious mind. Instead, you can enter a cycle of conflict and confusion because your mind feels torn over something you really want vs something you don’t believe you can achieve.

Furthermore, if you don’t address your self-limiting beliefs, action alone won’t get you to your end goal. I know some people probably disagree with me about action, because you can achieve good results with consistent action, however the results won’t be permanent. If limiting beliefs aren’t cleared, self-sabotage will inevitably kick in at some point. I see this happen a lot where entrepreneurs start to make money, however their money mindset hasn’t changed so they end up spending everything or getting into debt. 

The bottom line is that if you can equip yourself with a really strong and powerful money mindset, then you will be laying a solid foundation that is going to set you up for massive and long-lasting business success.

The first step in working on your money mindset is to identify and clear any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. To find out how to do that, stay tuned for my next article where I will show a simple way to work out if you have self-limiting beliefs. 


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