The Secret Force That Controls Your Results


If you're one of the many people who miss your goals year-in and year-out, then the information that I'm about to share with you could change your life. It all starts with your paradigm. 


What Failure To Achieve Is Not 

The formula that's presented to us most commonly is that to achieve a goal, to get a result, to get an outcome, you need to take a series of actions, and those actions will cause different reactions to happen that produces that result. If you fail, it’s because you don't take the right actions, or you’re very inconsistent.

Following this way of thinking, everyone tells you to get a better strategy, do another course, get more motivated to take more action, to take different actions. But even when you do all that, you find yourself in the same position over and over again. 

So something must be wrong with that. 


Goal Achievement Depends on Your Paradigm 

What a lot of people don't know is that there is a driving force that controls your actions, and it’s called your paradigm. 

If you’ve been saying things to yourself like, “Maybe it's me, maybe I'm a loser;” I have to tell you that you're half right. You're not a loser, but it is you. 

It's you to the extent that it's your paradigm controlling your actions and therefore your results. Only you can change your paradigm, (and therefore your results!)


All Your Habits and Beliefs

Your paradigm is the collection of all of your habits and beliefs. These are mostly passed down to us through our families and cultures and get deeply embedded n our minds before age five or six. They include: 

  • Things we learn through repetition
  • Things that happen over and over again
  • Things that we've heard people say as we’re growing up

All of these become our paradigm if we don't challenge them, and they go on to control how you live and what your life will or won’t turn into. 


Your Paradigm Controls Your Life 

As the foundation of your beliefs about life, your paradigm controls:  

  • All your perception and logic
  • Whether or not you’re open and able to change your mind with new evidence
  • Your productivity vs. procrastination
  • Whether you see yourself as somebody who can make money and achieve your goals or whether you're someone who can easily lose weight, or whether you’re etc. etc. 

This last point is the big kicker. Your paradigm controls your perception of yourself. 

Because your paradigm houses self-limiting beliefs (or empowering beliefs!), it is actually the container of your entire self-image: All the who’s, what’s, why’s and how’s that you see as yourself. 

This is why the secret to achieving your goals lies in changing your paradigm. The pull of the paradigm is so strong that it controls the actions that you take. That's why so many people find that even though they write out really clear action plans, they just can't follow through. It's like there's this really strong driving force that prevents you from taking that action.

To continue learning about what a paradigm is and how you can start working with yours, stay tuned to read my next blog.


To your success,

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