Understanding Money Blocks


I’ve heard it said before that comprehension starts and ends at the point of articulation. That is, how we talk about what we experience, the language we use to describe it, shapes our understanding of that experience. 

Quite often when people feel “stuck,” it’s for a lack of words to explain what's going on. We simply just experience something, but we can't really explain why we're stuck, and for that reason, we can’t understand it, and for that reason, we can’t get out of it. 

While true in all areas of life, today we’re looking at how working with a money vocabulary can help you improve your life financially.

Specifically, we’re looking at money blocks. 


What Are Money Blocks? 

Money blocks are self-limiting beliefs around money. They affect people in three main ways: 

1. Money Creation Money Blocks

People with money blocks centered on money creation struggle to create money and create wealth. These people want to earn more, and try to earn more, but seem to get stuck earning around the same amount month-in-month-out, trapped below a ceiling that they've put on their own success.


2. Money Retention Money Blocks 

People with money blocks around retaining money may bring in decent earnings, often even quite a good level of money, but struggle to save or spend wisely. They might spend everything that they earn, or more. So they're not actually retaining any wealth, and in some cases, going into debt. Even though they’re making money, they have no money retention.

3. Negative Emotion Money Blocks 

People with negative emotion money blocks experience a lot of fear, anxiety, guilt, and/or shame around money. Even though they might actually have a lot of money, they might even be saving, they might have investments, by having these negative and toxic feelings around money, they feel poor. 


How to Overcome Money Blocks 

1. Get Clarity 

Increase your awareness of the money blocks you might have. Which parts of this article have resonated with you? What self-limiting beliefs about money can you identify in your own mind? Identify your own money blocks, call them out and name them. Then you can start to work with that.

2. Identify Your Primary Money Emotion

Money blocks often stir-up in us as negative emotions. As you think about your relationship to money, just sit with any feelings that come up and try to pinpoint: What does it actually feel like? 

Remember, comprehension starts and ends with articulation. But money blocks are quite a large subject. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos that dive deeper into clearing money blocks. I also offer a bootcamp dedicated specifically to clearing money blocks. To start a conversation about clearing your money blocks with me, Caroline Labour, director of the Money Mindset Accelerator program, contact me today! 


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