What Bob Proctor Said About Me



“I’ve been in this business now for 46 years and every now and then I run across someone who I recognise… they’ve just got something special. Caroline Labour is such a person”. 

That’s what the legendary Bob Proctor said about me in the video above. 

If you don't know Bob, he was one of the main teachers in The Secret.

This endorsement means the world to me because it represents so much more than just a glowing review from one of my mentors who happens to be famous (although I'm pretty chuffed with that too!).

Did I ever tell you how it came about? 

It all started 18 years ago when I first read one of Bob’s books. Back then, I had big dreams but even bigger money mindset blocks that kept making me stumble.

I remember wishing one day I'd be successful enough to meet Bob and hire one of his coaches.

Because of my backward thinking, that dream stayed out of my reach and Bob gradually faded from my mind.

Fast forward almost ten years when I was feeling disillusioned with life... and I started listening to The Secret in the car on the way to work. Something about Bob’s words reignited a spark in me and I decided to look him up.

I then did something that completely changed the course of my life.

I booked a call with Bob’s head coach... and within the next few days, I'd not only hired my first coach, I also signed up to train as one of Bob's coaches.

And it didn't stop there. Since I was already way out of my comfort zone, I figured "why not go all the way?".

So even though I was brand new, I decided to attend a training event for coaches in Arizona, USA... and I got to meet Bob in person for the very first time!

This chain of events was the beginning of me finding my purpose and building a business I love.

Since then I've gone on to create my own money mindset program and now I help people eliminate debt and make a ton more money in their job or business (and sometimes both).

If you’re ready to step up and create amazing results in your life, book in a free money breakthrough call with me here and let’s create that roadmap together. 

Caroline x

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