Are you off chasing rabbits? Here’s how it’s costing you…

So I’m finally back in Sydney after my Thailand travels (actually I also squeezed in a couple of other short trips to Queensland, Australia).

In my previous email, I promised I’d share some of the insights I picked up at the Thailand Internet Business Workshop. It was an unforgettable trip and I even got interviewed by the local TV station, Pattaya People – check it out:

During all the time I spent recently on planes and in airport lounges, I thought about what I could share first to give you the edge now. After spending 8 days with a world class line-up of speakers and experts, I managed to narrow down all the insights to a few key gems. I learned HEAPS of cutting edge strategies for marketing your business online including:

  • How to build brand presence on YouTube
  • How to write compelling content with copywriting strategies
  • How to build a passive income stream with Affiliate Marketing
  • How to leverage LinkedIn as a marketing channel
  • How to engage an audience and sell from stage

And much, much more… ​​​​​​​

So following the workshop I had two options:

  1. Learn and implement ALL the strategies above; or
  2. Choose the most relevant strategy for my business right now and ignore everything else.

The obvious answer was #2 - there’s only 24hrs in a day...

People often ask me how I was able to handle a senior corporate job AND build a coaching practice on the side. It wasn’t easy but the secret was having unwavering FOCUS.

During my corporate hours, I prioritised tasks and gave them my undivided attention. When I was setting up my coaching site and courses on weekends, I worked on one task at a time and parked everything else until the current task was complete.

There's an old Russian saying that goes: The man who chases two rabbits catches none. If you try to do too many things at once in your business, you usually end up completing none.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were once asked to summarise the secret to their success in one word. Both of them gave the same answer: FOCUS.

Winners learn to master the art of choosing the most important task and shutting off unnecessary distractions. They work out what needs to be done now and they implement it right away.

So my biggest learning from the workshop was narrowing my focus and saying “No” to everything else (at least for now). The trouble is - as entrepreneurs we often find ourselves running around, putting out fires, chasing up clients, doing the books and a whole stack of overwhelming but necessary tasks.

It's a common theme in small businesses - in my next message I'll give you a simple, powerful tip to banish this running around forever.

Comment below and let me know if you've ever felt overwhelmed with too many things to do.

To your success,

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