What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed


Do you ever feel overwhelmed because you have too many things to do?

Feeling overwhelmed is physically and mentally draining because we trigger a mind-body reaction called the Stress Response. This can cause a number of different reactions – we can fight the situation, avoid the problem or feel completely paralysed.

There’s a little trick I learned from one of my mentors that neutralises the body’s stress response and it will calm you down within minutes when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Watch the video at the top of the page to find out what this trick is…

The tool I demonstrate in the video is called Tapping (or the Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s an excellent tool for reducing stress, especially when you’re overwhelmed.

What is Tapping?

Tapping is an acupressure-based mind-body tool that’s clinically proven to shut down and neutralise the stress response (also known as the fight or flight response).

You can witness the stress response in people who get suddenly triggered by a past trauma and they might have an emotional meltdown, and you can also see it in less obvious ways such as procrastination, the fear of public speaking and through self-sabotage.

You can also experience the stress response as a sick feeling in your stomach in relation to self-limiting beliefs around your own goals.

How does Tapping work?

The truth is that no one knows exactly HOW tapping works but the results of tapping have been clinically proven in two ways:

  1. Practitioners have done clinical studies where someone is experiencing the stress response or hyper-arousal of the nervous system and they’ve assessed and clinically measured the drop over time in cortisol levels as the person used Tapping.
  2. They’ve also looked at brain scans where the level of stress can be seen in images - and they could see the change in the hyper-arousal in the brain coming through in new scans as the person tapped. The result was an image of a calm brain.

How to Tap

In the video I run through the nine acupressure points that we ‘tap’ on – we use these points because they have been clinically proven to be electrically active in the nervous system.

You use two fingers to gently tap on these points as you express either negative or positive statements. It’s really simple!

The Benefits of Tapping

One of the things I love the most about tapping is that it’s a totally safe way to express your negative thoughts and feelings. I often start with negative statements – focusing on what has triggered the stress response, and once you feel your negativity settle, you can switch to positive tapping with more empowering phrases.

 Tapping also works straight away and the best time to use it is when you're experiencing a high level of stress. You'll be amazed at how quickly it can settle your negative energy when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Comment below and let me know what happened when you tried this technique. If you liked that, you can also use it to overcome procrastination. In my next post, I’ll show you how.

To your success,

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