Where Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From


Today we’re discussing self-limiting beliefs and paradigms. 
Your beliefs are not just your thoughts, they also seep into your habits, behavior and character. 

Self-limiting beliefs are formed at a very young age. Around the age of four or five your conscious mind isn't fully formed. A young, impressionable mind doesn’t have the ability to interpret things to either accept them or reject them. It absorbs everything that goes on around you and pretty soon you end up thinking “this is how the world works”, and it becomes your paradigm. 

Whether your parents were happy or they argued, whether money was tight or not, it had an impact on your subconscious mind. That’s how beliefs about money are formed. Over hearing conversations like “money doesn't grow on trees” or “rich people are greedy” would have conditioned you to have a certaing paradigm or belief about money. 


How To Reprogram Self-limiting Beliefs? 

 There's two ways that we collect our beliefs.

1. Repetition

Repetition is how we most commonly pick up our self-limiting beliefs. Like in the example above, if you’re exposed to certaing beliefs often enough and you don’t have the ability to challenge them, they become a part of who you are. That’s why people use affirmations. You can use the process of repetition to overlay a new paradigm.

Important tipIt’s important to change the original paradigm to see results using affirmations. You must neutralize and clear the old paradigm so you can actually believe your new affirmations.


2. Shock

The other way that you can change a paradigm, is through shock. This is when something happens and the impact is so great that it shakes any previous belief that you may have had.

Your perception about life, who you are, and how the world works, can change in an instant. 

Real life example: I will never forget September 11th. I remember that day and the moment I heard about the tragedy in so much detail. During weeks afterwards, my sense of safety and my belief that the world was a safe place were completely over turned. Even though, over time, my sense of safety was restored, I've never forgotten that moment and the impact it had in my life. 

This is no different than changing your lifestyle entirely to a healthy diet and exercise routine after experiencing a heart attack. The shock is so great, that it can change your paradigms and beliefs. 

Important tip: Shock is a lot harder to use intentionally if you're trying to change self-limiting beliefs. When it comes to changing your self-limiting beliefs and trying to get better results in your life, I would certainly suggest using repetition.


Have You Ever Found Yourself Saying Something Like...

  • I hate talking to people
  • I can't sell
  • I can't do this
  • That's just the way I am
  • I've never been any good at it.


If that’s the case I suggest to start changing that to “that's the way I've been programmed." Because that’s all it is: programming. 

It's something that you learned somewhere, early on, you never challenged it and therefore, it's become your belief and who you think you are. 


The Good News Is...

Anything that's programmed within you, can be unprogrammed and then re-programmed differently. 

Once you're able to shift the energy that you operate with, you're able to change your actions, AND do it authentically, so you're not forcing yourself to do something that feels untrue for you.

That's where my work comes in. I run a bootcamp where we devote a lot of time and effort into working out your energy around money, what your specific self-limiting beliefs are and how to challenge and change them permanently.

Stay tuned to know more about how exactly to use repetition to change those self-limiting beliefs, especially if you're finding your affirmations aren't working for you.


To your success, 


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