Why I Help People With Their Money Blocks


When I reflect back on my life, I think it's fair to say I’ve achieved a good amount of success, however the truth is, I was never really as successful as I wanted to be. Or to be more accurate, it didn’t happen in the way I wanted it to.

During my teens and twenties, I had very low self-esteem even though I appeared to be confident (probably because I did a lot of public speaking and sang in bands). My successes felt like a fluke because I didn't believe in myself and I just sort of pushed myself to achieve certain things.

During my 30s, I was rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, but the stress of the job was killing me. I knew I didn’t want to do accounting forever - and that is when I drew on my passion around personal development and started a life coaching certification.

Life coaching teaches you a systematic way to achieve your goals alongside working on things like your self-limiting beliefs. I used it to get promoted in my own career and I started to help others to progress their careers. However, I couldn't really get my coaching business to where I wanted it to be.

I was in a huge state of conflict because part of me was saying “I've got this drive, I work my butt off, I really want to be successful, and I feel like I'm really destined for something amazing”.

But another part of me just couldn't quite break through. It's almost like I really wanted something but I felt heartbroken within myself because I could never get myself there.


Discovering Money Blocks

I set out on a really deep soul search and I ended up finding a mentor who taught me about money blocks. I didn't know that money blocks were a thing - I’d never even heard of the term.

For the first time in my life, I felt like somebody could really see the pain that I was in that didn't show on the outside. That someone was able to talk to me at that level and say “hey, you know what, it's not you. There's some stuff there that we've got to work on”.

What I learned blew me away. I discovered that money blocks form when you're a young child and impressionable because your conscious mind isn't fully formed. This means you can overhear a conversation and totally misunderstand it, but interpret it in a way that it ends up affecting things like your self-image or your sense of belief and confidence about the world.

What’s worse is all of that negative stuff from childhood experiences can end up being stored as trauma because you didn't know how to deal with these experiences at the time.

The impact of this trauma shows up when you're trying to go after something really big in the present day. You end up drawing on all of those old negative dark feelings you’ve been storing which causes you to sabotage your success.

Things changed massively for me once I started to work on and overcome my money blocks. My stressful corporate career that I thought I hated actually took off. The work itself didn't change but my mindset and my energy changed. I stepped into a higher version of who I was meant to be and the darkness that was blocking me started to clear away in all aspects of my life.

If you’ve experienced any trauma in your life, one of the first places trauma shows up is in your inability to reach your goals and make money.

For some people they're able to make money but they're not able to keep it. They may spend it all or get into debt. Other people may have enormous guilt around making money and having money.

The key to overcoming this is to remember that these money blocks are all to do with trauma from early on in life. When I work with people on their money blocks, we clear most of the early childhood stuff straight away. This then allows us to identify the stuff that doesn't really have to do with money - like that random thing that a teacher might have said to you that really impacted your self-belief in a negative way.

Money blocks can be hard to deal with because most people don't know the trauma is there. They don't know how to make the connection between negative experiences from the past to their present day inability to break through new ground and smash through their goals.


Why I Help People With Their Money Blocks

Helping people with their money blocks is a no-brainer for me because it's really a reflection of my own journey and the struggles I went through. Once  I found the answers I was searching for and got my hands on the missing piece to success, everything else started to make sense.

I now have a clear blueprint to help people break through their darkness so they can take action without self-sabotaging and without being held back by their past.

In particular, my passion is helping entrepreneurs who are out there on a mission creating something and trying to really make an impact on the world. I love nothing more than seeing entrepreneurs thrive and share their gifts with the world without limitation.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve found yourself in a cycle of doing course after course in the hope of finally breaking through. Or if you're seeing other people get great results while you remain stuck, then it may be time to look deeper. There’s a good chance there are money blocks standing in your way.

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