How I bounced back from my quarter life crisis

Have you ever had a major turning point in your life?

I had a major turning point just before my 30th birthday. The thing with turning points is that you usually don’t see them coming until they hit you in the face.

In my late 20’s, I was cruising along thinking that everything was going well in my life. I had a great job as a Commercial Manager for Australia’s largest media company, my catering business was doing well and I also had a fun side hustle singing in a pop girl group on weekends.

I was working really hard and I was the person who could get anything done. The problem was, playing the role of Superwoman came at a cost. My job was becoming really demanding and I was under an enormous amount of pressure at work. This is how I felt most days:  

I hit rock bottom one night when I was driving home from work. After working 13-hour days for many months straight, a crash was inevitable. Exhaustion became the norm; there was barely any time in my schedule...

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I fired my boss… and it felt GREAT!

So it's been a little while since I published a new blog post. Things have been really hectic over the last few months.

Here’s what happened…

About eight weeks ago, I walked out of the Sydney office of my high paying corporate job with a cardboard box in my hands. I headed down to my car space for the very last time not worried about the future or how I was going to pay the bills. I had my online coaching business all set up and I was ready to embark on the next chapter as a full-time entrepreneur.

Leaving my corporate job was a huge milestone for me - it's something I wanted to do for a really long time and I worked out how to make it happen. Travel is also one of my hot buttons and I decided to mark the occasion with two trips. The first stop was a relaxing wind-down on the Gold Coast followed by a trip to Thailand to attend an 8-day long Internet Business Workshop (Yes - 8 days!).

One of the highlights of these trips was realising that I'm now really...

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