How To Identify Your Money Blocks


What Are Money Blocks? 

Money blocks are self-limiting beliefs around your income and income goals. They work at a deep level of your sub-conscious mind to trip you up in the form of self-sabotage. 

Money blocks may show up in your work as:

  • Procrastinating 
  • Not completing things or half-doing things
  • Not following up your leads 
  • Making excuses to back out of commitments and goals 
  • Focusing on difficulty rather than opportunity

As these effects of money blocks pile up, you feel a constant pull in opposite directions that stops you from taking effective action. 


Discovering Money Blocks 

This short exercise will help you identify your money blocks so you can start clearing them faster.

  • Step 1: Think about a particular income goal you have, (i.e. $10,000/month). 
  • Step 2: Close your eyes and really visualize that number. 
  • Step 3: Double it. 

This is your new income goal. Your previous goal was too low. You could be making double your original goal. 

  • Step 4: Take note of your reaction to these words. How does it feel? Does it feel ridiculous, like out of your reach? Are you feeling a little angry at me? 
  • Step 5: Close your eyes again, and visualize the number of your original goal doubled. 
  • Step 6: Say out loud, “It’s impossible.” 
  • Step 7: How true did that statement feel for you? How impossible is that income goal? Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10, (one being not at all true). 

This score is your starting point. The higher the number, the greater the extent of your money blocks. Any number above one indicates that you have a money block preventing you from achieving great wealth. 


Identifying Money Blocks 

When you said, “It’s impossible,” what do you feel in your body? Some people might feel tension in the stomach, nausea, etc. For other people, it can be tightness in the chest. Some people get headaches from thinking about money.

What kind of emotional feelings do you feel? Maybe this exercise made you feel sad, disappointed, angry, hopeless, frustrated. Whatever the feeling, give it a name. Remember, comprehension starts and ends at the point of articulation. 

When we give names to our feelings and experiences, we can start to work with them. 


Going Deeper 

Whatever feelings come up for you, these are not new feelings, and they’re not even really to do with money. They are stored emotions that have been stuck running through your nervous system for a really long time, forming self-liming beliefs that affect your relationship with money. 

Money blocks are a large subject. The Personal Empowerment Academy YouTube channel has a lot of videos to help you, and we also offer a bootcamp dedicated specifically to clearing money blocks. 

To start a conversation about clearing your money blocks with me, Caroline Labour, director of the Money Mindset Accelerator program, contact me today! 


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