Keeping Your Eye On What Matters


Are you chasing a really ambitious goal? Maybe you're going after a particular profit target, or you're in corporate and you're trying to get to that next level, get your next promotion. Whatever it is, you’re working really hard and going after something that really matters to you. This is for you.

In the context of chasing after a really big goal, the best advice I can give you is to remember to take care of and prioritize your health and wellbeing. I’m talking about both physical and mental health, which includes working on your mindset.

Often the reason we chase after something that's financially-incentivized has to do with a quality of life metric; it’s about the type of lifestyle that you'd like to have that money can bring.

If you're working really hard on going after your goals to the point that you're working yourself into the ground,  you end up putting your health at risk and jeopardizing your ability to enjoy that lifestyle that you're working so...

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Creating Space For Bigger & Better Life Experiences


“Nature abhors a vacuum.” 



Through the process of packing and unpacking all my things during my recent move home, I was surprised by how much stuff I have and how I haven't used a lot of it in a long time. It got me thinking about the way that we hold onto loads and loads of stuff, and why?

Today I’m reflecting on how we hold onto a lot of stuff we don’t really need or use, and what we can do with this stuff to improve our lives.


Why do we keep the things we keep?

  1. They have a utilitarian purpose.
  2. They have an emotional purpose.

Stepping back and looking into that second reason can really help us to create emotional space for bigger and better life experiences.

When you do hoard things you don’t really need or use anymore, it may be because they symbolise a person, place or experience that you’re also unwilling or not yet ready to let go of on an emotional level.

The material things that we hold onto are often...

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Finding The Root Cause Of Your Challenges


At different times in your life, you may find yourself in what I call an “avalanche challenge.” You know, where one big thing happens and while you're trying to deal with that, the next thing happens, and it all starts to roll into one. These overwhelming times challenge your strength and character, and often kick you back into “survival mode.”

“Survival mode” typically kicks in when you are trying to deal with issues around your sense of security and safety, having your basic needs met, and/or your idea of what your foundational support is.

In terms of chakras, these are what we call first chakra issues.

Before I continue, let me explain:

As a coach, I view coaching as a spectrum of services:

At Personal Empowerment Academy we typically work in the middle, as our clients are usually happy just to get the result without dwelling on how or why things aren’t working at an energetic level.

But today we are discussing energy work, because...

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Wealth Creation Through Property Investing


One of the things that's really important in wealth creation is ensuring that you've actually got the two pillars in place:

  1. Your Money Mindset - and if you've watched any of my videos previously you would have heard me talk a lot about that and how important it is to make sure that you're not repelling money, and that you're actually attracting it by energetically having the right mindset to bring more money into your life.

  2. Having a Strategy to create wealth, because without that, you don't have any clear action that you're taking to build wealth.

One of the most effective and probably under-utilised strategies, is Property Investment, and today I'm featuring a special guest and expert: Tim Allwood - the Director of Compass Property Investments, to address some key questions about property investing as a wealth creation strategy.


  1. Property Investing is a great wealth creation strategy, but possibly one that is under-utilised by Australians in particular. What...
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You Never Know What Lies On The Other Side Of A Challenge... So Keep Going!


What Lies On The Other Side Of A Challenge?

Sometimes, in the midst of a challenge, it's easy to want to throw the towel in and you know... panic and quit.

My sister went through this panic while moving from a big house into a smaller unit. After signing the paperwork she returned to her house and thought, “Oh my gosh, my stuff isn't gonna fit! I've totally made the wrong decision!”

We often feel the same when business challenges hit. You know you’ve put your neck on the line for something, and if you start doubting yourself then, it can be very tempting to give up.

Some of the negative thoughts that can tempt us to quit are:

  • It's just me, I'm not good enough.
  • I'm not trying hard enough.
  • Things just aren't working out for me, despite my efforts.

Today I want to inspire you and encourage you to ignore those thoughts and keep going, because you never know what lies on the other side.

For my sister, packing everything up and going through all her stuff with...

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How To Feel Grateful When Times Are Tough


This article was originally inspired by Thanksgiving and seeing everyone's social media posts about being thankful. Ironically, the outpour of positivity in the days leading up to Thanksgiving reminded me that for many people, it’s not so easy. Festive holiday seasons can also stir up intense emotions like sadness and loneliness.

There are many reasons you may struggle to feel sincerely thankful, especially when times are tough in business. Whatever your reason, expressing gratitude for the things that you do have will help you improve how you feel, even if you are in a low and lonely place.


A Couple Tips to Stay Grateful

  • Get Back to Basics

There's sort of no point in saying, “I'm grateful for everything and the world is abundant,” if you don't feel like that at all. Be honest with yourself, and find basic things that you can genuinely feel thankful for.

Examples of the basics:

  • Just to be inside when it's freezing outside. You can...
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How To Genuinely Believe Your Affirmations


Affirmations can play an important role in attracting more wealth and abundance IF they're used correctly! Unfortunately, in many cases, affirmations don't really work - and the reason has to do with the level of faith we put into them.

Do you really believe your affirmations? That's the question you really need to answer.

There are several ways to test your level of belief around your affirmations. One exercise you can try is to rate yourself out of 10 on a series of affirmations to see whether you actually believe them. The process for doing this would be:

  1. Say the affirmation out loud
  2. Score yourself out of ten in terms of how true or achievable the affirmation feels (note: this is a believability score rather than a measure of how much you want the outcome).

For each affirmation, a low score would indicate that you carry some resistance towards achieving your own goals. This may also lead you to make incorrect assumptions - for example, that you aren’t meant...

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How Your Early Money Memories Impact Your Life


Have you ever thought about how your early money memories might impact your life? I'm specifically referring to an early interaction with money that left a big impression on you. If you're not sure what I mean or why it matters, what I'm describing here is a process where the interactions you have with money when you're really young, form part of what's called your earliest money paradigm.  

This paradigm shapes everything about your interaction with the world around money and these ideas get solidified when we're really young. So I'd like you to try and go back, and see if you can remember your earliest interaction with money because these events can have a huge impact on your life.  When these money interactions go unchallenged, especially if you've had a negative interaction with money,  then they start to form part of your money paradigm. This means you carry beliefs about money that show up in your money patterns as you're growing up and...

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Ten Powerful Affirmations To Attract Wealth & Abundance


In this article, I'm going to share 10 powerful affirmations that you can use to attract more wealth and abundance.

I will call out from the outset that this isn't your typical feel-good affirmations post. I'm actually going to give you these affirmations, but with a very specific purpose and it's probably not what you think.

So first up, I thought I would actually explain what an affirmation is because not everyone might be familiar with the term. So, let's start with the official definition of an affirmation from the dictionary: an affirmation is to affirm that something is true.

Now there's a big problem here. Straight away, alarm bells went off and I just remembered my English teacher saying, "You can't use the word you're trying to define in the definition." So, that kind of breaks that rule and is not overly helpful if you don't know what an affirmation is.

So another way I can explain what an affirmation is, is that it's like stating a declaration - and stating that you...

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Money Mindset: Toxic Money


Toxic money is when money is owed to you in some shape or form. In some cases, you feel like you were cheated out of the money, or it is something that you rely on but you have to pay a price for receiving that type of money. So even when you finally get the money it usually feels like there's some kind of a battle around it as well, because it hasn't been received in a good way, or in some cases you don't receive it at all. Toxic money doesn't apply to everyone, however, if you do feel this concept applies to you, pay close attention because it can hold you back in all the other types of relationships with money.

Here are some patterns of toxic money :  

  • Being Owed Money
    This could apply to a lot of people for example when someone lends money to a friend or a family member. Being owed money is not the problem, but the emotions that come around it, are. Suppose that someone owes you something and they haven't paid it back after a long time, every time you see them you're...
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