How To Identify Your Money Blocks


What Are Money Blocks? 

Money blocks are self-limiting beliefs around your income and income goals. They work at a deep level of your sub-conscious mind to trip you up in the form of self-sabotage. 

Money blocks may show up in your work as:

  • Procrastinating 
  • Not completing things or half-doing things
  • Not following up your leads 
  • Making excuses to back out of commitments and goals 
  • Focusing on difficulty rather than opportunity

As these effects of money blocks pile up, you feel a constant pull in opposite directions that stops you from taking effective action. 


Discovering Money Blocks 

This short exercise will help you identify your money blocks so you can start clearing them faster.

  • Step 1: Think about a particular income goal you have, (i.e. $10,000/month). 
  • Step 2: Close your eyes and really visualize that number. 
  • Step 3: Double it. 

This is your new income goal. Your previous goal was too low. You could be making...

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The Missing Piece To Your Success


When it comes to setting and achieving your business goals, there are many different elements that make up a successful business. To make a regular, recurring income as a solo entrepreneur, you need to master the following components:

  • Your offer: you’ve got to have an offer that appeals to people and that solves a painful problem

  • A Solution: you have to solve the problem your customers are facing - either by already having the skills to solve the problem yourself, or you may need to up-skill to stay at the top of your game and keep evolving your solution.

  • Work Ethic: to be successful in business, you've got to be prepared to get off your backside, do the work and show up consistently in your business.

  • Mindset: mindset is the absolute key, because if your mindset is not in the right place, then it affects every other element. Your mindset underpins everything else that you do in your business so you've really got to work out how to operate with the best energy and attitude...
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Understanding Money Blocks


I’ve heard it said before that comprehension starts and ends at the point of articulation. That is, how we talk about what we experience, the language we use to describe it, shapes our understanding of that experience. 

Quite often when people feel “stuck,” it’s for a lack of words to explain what's going on. We simply just experience something, but we can't really explain why we're stuck, and for that reason, we can’t understand it, and for that reason, we can’t get out of it. 

While true in all areas of life, today we’re looking at how working with a money vocabulary can help you improve your life financially.

Specifically, we’re looking at money blocks. 


What Are Money Blocks? 

Money blocks are self-limiting beliefs around money. They affect people in three main ways: 

1. Money Creation Money Blocks

People with money blocks centered on money creation struggle to create money and create wealth. These...

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How To Manifest Incredible Results With A Powerful Money Mindset


When you have a powerful money mindset, you can start to excel in all areas of your life because you’ll learn how to operate with more clarity, focus and balance. 

A lot of the personal challenges I faced during my 20s stemmed from having a weak money mindset.

When I left high school many moons ago, I was really fortunate to be accepted into a prestigious business scholarship program at one of Australia’s top universities. Even though my scholarship opened up many doors for me, I very quickly realised that the corporate world wasn’t what I hoped it would be and I felt really unhappy in my career. Most of the time I felt like a square peg trying to squeeze through a round hole. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that a lot of my challenges stemmed from having a weak money mindset and not believing I was worthy of success. This self-limiting belief caused me to work long hours and I would often stare at my computer screen and wonder: “Is this...

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Why You Should Start With Your Mindset... and How To Do It Quickly!


Building a business is a bit like building a house. You're going to have much longer lasting success and a much stronger house if you lay solid foundations to begin with. A powerful, positive mindset helps build a strong foundation in your business. There are three core elements that you need to succeed as an entrepreneur in business.

1. A powerful and positive mindset: This relates to having the right kind of energy, clarity and focus in your business.

2. Strategy: Embarking on a business and succeeding requires you to have really clear goals. You need to have clarity on what your goals are and specifically, your key success metrics. 

If your goal is to hit seven figures this year from a service-based business, you’ll want to break down the following metrics: 

  • How many clients you need for your various products or packages to get to your revenue goal.
  • How many sales calls you need to make to enrol that number of clients.
  • How many leads you need to generate that...
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Why I Help People With Their Money Blocks


When I reflect back on my life, I think it's fair to say I’ve achieved a good amount of success, however the truth is, I was never really as successful as I wanted to be. Or to be more accurate, it didn’t happen in the way I wanted it to.

During my teens and twenties, I had very low self-esteem even though I appeared to be confident (probably because I did a lot of public speaking and sang in bands). My successes felt like a fluke because I didn't believe in myself and I just sort of pushed myself to achieve certain things.

During my 30s, I was rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, but the stress of the job was killing me. I knew I didn’t want to do accounting forever - and that is when I drew on my passion around personal development and started a life coaching certification.

Life coaching teaches you a systematic way to achieve your goals alongside working on things like your self-limiting beliefs. I used it to get promoted in my own career and I started to...

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Setting Up Solid Foundations For Business Success


One of the quirky things that I always wanted when I was a child was a waterbed. As soon as I bought my first home, I got myself a waterbed and I've had it ever since. Waterbeds are built with very strong, solid foundations so they can last you a lifetime if you look after them.

Just like a waterbed, you've got to have really solid foundations in your personal life to be able to succeed in building an authentic business. If you don't clean up the rubbish in your personal life, then you're going to bring that energy directly across into your business.

Two areas that entrepreneurs in particular need to address when trying to succeed in business are:

1. Making sure that you deal with your personal baggage. If you’re still harboring resentment or anger towards others and if you can’t move on from memories of past events, then it’s going to affect your ability to focus on what’s happening for you now.  You're going to feel like your focus gets broken where...

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How To Shift To An Energetic State To Increase Your Income


Sometimes when you go through a series of life events, your life feels like it’s in an absolute state of chaos. Maybe you're physically busy or you're mentally busy, or both. At other times you may just be feeling your energy isn’t in the right place and you’ve lost your focus. Perhaps you go to work on things every day, but you find that you have to keep resetting your plans or revisiting them, and you're not sure what it is that you should be working on.

The solution to getting your focus back is to be in a specific kind of energetic state where you're productive, creative and able to tap into the right resources that are going to move you forward. You usually know when you're not in a productive state because often two of the most toxic emotions surface - anger and fear.

There can be anger around things to do with your current circumstances or even things to do with the past. One of the tell-tale signs of anger is you might be snappy or impatient and the anger...

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How To Overcome Financial Trauma


If you've been experiencing a particular money pattern for a while, then it could be because you've gone through some kind of financial trauma. Since a particular traumatic event your money might not have been the same, or you might be struggling with a particular issue, like not being able to save or being in debt or not being able to hit your income goals.


Types of Financial Trauma

I mentioned in my last video that there are two types of financial trauma.

  1. The first of these is loss-based financial trauma. This is a trauma that is surrounded by feelings of sadness and unfairness that keep your finances stuck the way they are today. This inability to let go of these feelings of sadness and unfairness means you're not actually putting all of your energy, your brilliance, your great ideas and your problem-solving capability into solving whatever the issue is around your finances.  
  2. The second type of financial trauma is anger-based financial trauma. Anger is such a...
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How Financial Trauma Stops You From Achieving Your Goals


If you've been stuck in certain money patterns for a while, it could be a sign that you've encountered financial trauma in the past. Maybe you've been unable to shift your level of savings and actually accumulate meaningful savings. Maybe you've been stuck in debt or maybe you've been unable to break through and achieve your income goals. Often when the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again, there's a deeper root cause that may not be presenting itself on the surface.

In a lot of cases your relationship with money is actually impacted by your early money paradigm - i.e. the way you grew up around money and what you experienced by observing adults around you, particularly your family. It can also be a combination of your family paradigm and financial trauma. In fact, financial trauma can actually have a compounding effect on your family paradigms around money.


What is Financial Trauma?

A financial trauma is an event that usually occurred sometime in your past....

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